Walter Tull

In Writing, Year 6 have been learning about Walter Tull. It will form part of their World War topic but, at the moment, we have been looking at his football career. We have explored the moments when he had to leave his family to enter the orphanage. The language the children used to show his feelings was incredible. Walter Tull was the first black, professional outfield player and suffered from racial abuse at a football match. At the time, he couldn’t speak out about it. We have been giving him a voice imagining how he felt and what he wanted to say. Year 6 have worked hard to select the language and structures to have maximum impact.


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Freeze Frames

This week, year 4 have been learning all about their new Literacy text ‘Leon and the Place Between’. Today, the children had to work in groups to produce a freeze frame, showing Leon’s excitement for the magic at the circus, but also showing the lack of enthusiasm from his siblings who do not believe in magic. We spoke about how they had to present their whole body, rather than just an emotion on their face. They worked really hard to ensure that everyone was portraying the correct emotion of the characters that they were acting as. Well done Year 4.

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Role Play in Reception

Children in Reception wanted to be firefighters so today we changed our role play area to a fire station. The phones were answered and a list of emergencies was written. Children quickly put out the fires and rescued people who were trapped. Outside, a fire engine was built. A cat was stuck up the tree so it was great that there were fire fighters ready to help!

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Making justified inferences

This week, Year 5 have begun a new text in Literacy, ‘Escape from Pompeii’. We began with a small image, where two children were staring fearfully at something, from which we had to draw justified inferences. The quality of response was incredible.

“They must be looking at something bright because of the shadow that has been cast across their bodies.”

“They would have slightly different feelings as the older child would need to hold in their fear to protect the younger one.”

Then, the whole image was revealed and the children could see the erupting volcano. From this, we continued to make inferences using all the clues available to us. We dramatised and wrote the conversation between the two children. The writing was excellent with children dropping in information about their characters’ emotions throughout the conversation. During the drama, the children had carefully considered who needed to speak first to best represent the emotions and how to show an emotion through conversation.

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Alien Writing

Year 5 have begun writing about aliens! We started by learning about each planet before designing an alien that we thought would be well suited to the environment on a particular planet. Each alien had to have three adaptations to ensure it could survive on its planet. Some aliens inhaled hydrogen and used it to power their hoverboard legs to remain above the surface on a gas planet with a hydrogen based atmosphere. Some aliens were furry to keep them warm. Some aliens used their tentacles to propel them above the surface. Some had huge eyes to help them see through the storms. I was amazed by the thought that went into them. We have now begun using language creatively to describe the aliens. The children are choosing and placing words and phrases to ensure their reader is either disgusted, scared or intrigued by their alien.

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