YEAR 5 BLYM Sailing

Year 5 have been so privileged to be given the opportunity to sail for 4 days this week. We have had our first session on Monday and the children loved every bit of it. We were lucky enough to catch some wind so we could sail off like experts that day. Today, the children lived the dream. The instructors have been kind enough to show each one of them how to capsize and eventually they all had a go at it. It was the best session, they said. We are really looking forward to the next two days and ready to learn more about sailing.


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The Safety Centre

On Monday, the PTA treated Year 5 to a trip to The Safety Centre in Milton Keynes. It was an amazing morning of practical and useful learning which allowed the children to consider how they could avoid or solve many commonplace and daily dangers. The set-up was incredible and the children were led through a town exploring different situations in a very real and practical way. Children had to consider the stopping distance of vehicles, water safety, road safety and car seat safety. They also entered a house and worked out how to manage different hazards that could arise as well as learning how to cope with an unconscious person. What was the most useful thing you learnt? Year 5 would like to say a massive thank you to the PTA.

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PTA meeting

Tonight our PTA met to discuss up coming events . . . .

  • Quiz night – question master ready!
  • Firework night – food, tickets and running of the night
  • Family photo day
  • Christmas fair – stall, tickets and entertainment
  • End of term events – disco, panto.
  • Future spending projects

Many thanks to our hard working PTA.


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PTA Meeting

Tonight our PTA met to share recent events and plans for the future including:

  • Finance – Mother’s Day gifts, ‘Marathon mumma’ and funds for planned kitchen developments, Disco.
  • Rickmansworth Parade – ‘Oh I do like to be beside the seaside’
  • Summer Fair
  • Year 6 Leavers’ Disco
  • Christmas Pantomime/Play
  • School wish list
  • Second hand uniform sale

Next meeting is Wednesday 17th May. Please join us.

Many thanks to our PTA.

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Maple Cross Charity Talent Show

We would like to take this opportunity to say… Thank you to all the participants of this year’s Talent Show. As a school, we have raised £192.65 (to date) for the DEC (Disaster Emergency Charity).

As a class, we had great fun planning and participating in the show. Thank you to our judges, the fantastic Mr Roberts, Mr Cook , Noah and Delfin.

Tensions are building and we look forward to finding out the overall winners, who will receive a £25 Vue cinema gift card, in Celebration Assembly tomorrow.

What attributes do you think all the participants had to show this afternoon?

From Year 6


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PTA Meeting tonight

Tonight, members of our PTA met to review recent events and discuss a range of upcoming events. Key ideas were; Easter disco at the club, Mother’s Day Gifts, Easter egg donations, the Summer Fair and Firework night. The PTA also approved donations to the school to support learning including class trips and a surprise for Year 6!

Plans were shared about ideas to create a kitchen/cooking area for pupils in our community room.


Many thanks to our wonderful PTA members. If you can support us in anyway please join us at our next meeting on 9th March.


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