Spring Walk

Reception went for another spring walk today to observe changes to the environment from our last spring walk 10 days ago. It was lovely looking at the flowers blooming and the leaves beginning to appear on the trees. When we arrived at the pond we were delighted to see a pair of ducks swimming and lots of frogspawn in the pond!

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Performance reads, bookmarks and ‘Los tres cerditos’

It was wonderful to welcome many parents, grandparents and other family members to end our world book day celebrations. Each class nominated a representative who performed a reading. The focus was on volume, intonation, expression and fluency.

It was incredible to see the confidence and passion from all of our readers in front of a packed hall. We also announced the winners of the book mark competition; welcome done to Lois (Yr6), Amelia (Yr1) and Aaron (Rec). The assembly ended with a fantastic performance of  ‘Los tres cerditos’ (The Three Little Pigs in Spanish) from Year 4, 5 & 6. 

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Keep up the passion for reading everyone.

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Reception Learning

Today children in Reception learned the sound ‘ow’ and the rhyme “blow the snow.” As we said the rhyme we looked at the snow outside the window. We were able to write the word snow. Later in the mornin, we went outside in the rain and investigated hoe many pots of water it would take to fill the orange bucket. Children worked together to make sure the pot was full but not overflowing. Then we developed our upper body strength as we swept the rain water along the path and observed the waves and patterns it made.


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Role Play in Reception

Children in Reception wanted to be firefighters so today we changed our role play area to a fire station. The phones were answered and a list of emergencies was written. Children quickly put out the fires and rescued people who were trapped. Outside, a fire engine was built. A cat was stuck up the tree so it was great that there were fire fighters ready to help!

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