Mapping Maple Cross

Last week year 1 ventured out on a walk around Maple Cross as part of geography learning. We wanted to spot the human and physical aspects of our local area. Today year 1 learners orally re told the journey we took around Maple Cross. We spoke about the human and physical aspects we saw. Chn remembered they saw ‘a zebra crossing, shops, a field, a park, playground, and their houses. In 2 groups we then drew out our own map of maple cross and used our fingers dipped in paint to re walk the route we took.

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Year 1 maths

Year 1 have been enjoying exploring maths resources. We have been thinking about how practical resources can help us in our maths learning. This week we have had a focus on cuisenaire rods and numicon.  During independent learning we had some great discussions around which numicon would be best suited to build Boris the robot.

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The Full Governing Body met via zoom this evening.

The Chair and Vice Chari were appointed with Liz Maykells and Laura Whyte appointed to the roles respectively.

The head teacher’s report was received.

Governors spent time discussing the character of Maple Cross and what makes it an unique school.

The minutes of the last meeting were received and approved.  Governors roles and responsibilities and their code of conduct were also agreed.  Policies were agreed and adopted.

Governors discussed forthcoming training events.

The next meeting will take place on Tuesday 8th December.

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The beginnings of World War 1

Year 6 have been exploring seven different events which could have contributed to the cause of World War 1. They have been looking for chronological and non-chronological connections between the events and the resulting discussions have been incredible. Following that, we have been making sense of the sequence of events that occurred after the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand.


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