Year 3 Learning At Home

The Stone Age!

Year 3 have been eager to continue learning at home and have produced some inspiring Stone Age forts and villages. They are incredible.

So much time and consideration has gone into designing and making these models and the children have impressed us with their growing knowledge about this period in time. We have been lucky enough to use them in class to support on-going learning.

Come and visit them to find out more about Stone Age life!


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What is Learning?

Earlier this week, Year 6 joined Year 3 for some thoughtful discussion and debate about the different components of learning.

What actually is learning? What are the most important attributes? How do some of our attributes link together? 

Together, the classes designed their own ‘learning washing line’, showing their thoughts and ideas. Each group had the opportunity to compare and debate with another team.

We even had to consider if any learning attributes were missing? These were explained and justified to other groups.

It was a pleasure to experience the children’s developing views on learning and our wider school ethos.

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Year 3 Reach New Heights

As part of National Sports Week, Year 3 were invited to our local secondary school, The Reach Free. They were able to experience the wonderful facilities and had the opportunity to learn two new sports, handball and trampolining. All children were ready and motivated to take full advantage of this experience and were so excited to come away with some new skills! We would like to thank the team at The Reach Free for welcoming us and sharing their expertise. We look forward to returning next week for athletics!

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Y3 Guided Reading

This morning, Year 3 were excited to explore their new guided reading texts. As a team, they were able to re-assemble their front cover using a range of clues.

Already, the children are beginning to ‘stumble’ on new vocabulary and explore their own hidden connections to these new words!

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World Book Day 2019

We have enjoyed a wonderful day of reading! From reading detective activities to performance reading in assembly, active reading sessions to shared reading with parents. Thank you to all the children for being so motivated and eager to share their love of reading. It has been a pleasure to visit each class today and share in the excitement. Remember that reading opens many doors and the readers of today…are the leaders of tomorrow.

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Winter Olympic Event

Year 3 and 4 children walked down to the Reach Free School this afternoon to take part in a Winter Olympics multi skills event. In small teams, the children had the opportunity to take part in a range of activities. Basketball, boxing and skipping were the favourites! It was fantastic to see two local schools learning together through sport and great leadership and collaboration skills were shown by many. Thank you so much to the children and staff from the Reach Free School for organising a fantastic afternoon of sport.

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