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Maple Cross JMI & Nursery

Year 6

Year 6 Welcome Letter


Year 6 had a really inspiring session learning to use a BMX bike for tricks. They were taught a new word: 'flearn'. Every time we fail, we learn. It was impressive to see how resilient they were and how many bike tricks they were able to do!


KNEX Challenge

Today Year 6 were visited by an engineer, who challenged them to build a strong, stable bridge using the KNEX. They explored different bridge constructions before planning and designing their own moving bridge. It had to move to allow a boat to pass, be at least 30cm long and carry at least 50g in weight. There were some incredibly creative ideas and a great display of resilience as the children had to overcome some challenging problems.


Supernatural Creatures

In Writing, Year 6 have been learning how to choose precise vocabulary and use it in a way to create a vivid image. They have created beautifully crafted warning posters, where they have used language to create a feeling a fear in the reader. They have also used expressive language to create a vivid description of a creature. Next week, they test whether their descriptions are precise enough for someone to guess which creature they have described! They worked as a class to create a word bank to support their vocabulary choices.


Scaling Fractions

Year 6 have been using bead-strings and dienes to support them in understanding how to scale fractions up and down so they can convert them into percentages. Their problem solving skills were incredible with many of them working out different ways to solve some challenging questions!


Measuring and Sawing Wood

This week, we started measuring, marking and cutting wood for our automata toys. The children learnt how to measure accurately and saw safely. Year 6 showed a great commitment and enthusiasm for their learning.


Peer Feedback

Year 6 worked collaboratively to support each other in Writing. The children gave excellent feedback to each other and they used their discussions to make improvements in their learning.