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Maple Cross JMI & Nursery

Science Club

Welcome to Maple Cross's Science Club! This is where we will be sharing all things Science! We hope you enjoy reading all about it!

Miss Kerai 

Due to popular demand, we did a Skittles experiment to see what happens when we pour water on skittles! We notice that the water dissolves the sugary coloured coating of the skittles and creates really fun patterns! Take a look...



This week in Science Club, we gathered some equipment and went to the pond area to start clearing it up!

Pond clearing


This week we conducted a Coke and Mentos experiment to see what reaction we'd get. We found that the mentos adds more carbon dioxide to the bubbles in the coke so it causes an explosion. We also wrote letters to David Attenborough, asking him some interesting questions about his work and life. Stay tuned to see what response we get...

Mentos and Coke