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Online safety

If you or your child uses the internet, you NEED to read this page.

The internet is incredible – it has revolutionised the way we work, shop, learn about the world, interact with each other and so much more. However, it comes with a dark side. A side which we must ensure children are aware of and simultaneously protected from. This is challenging.

This page will signpost you to a range of websites where you can get age-appropriate advice about using the internet.

Childnet – Supports pupils with SEND staying safe online.

Herts for Learning e-safety Letter

hfl online safety newsletter spring 24 parents or carers.pdf


Internet Matters

‘Internet Matters’ is a fantastic organisation that offers advice on pretty much everything to do with safe internet use


Another incredibly useful website is ‘Thinkuknow‘. Like internet matters, this website has information and resources available for parents and children alike. Thinkuknow is part of CEOP – The Child Exploitation and Online Protection Agency.

Social Media

Our recommendation at Maple Cross is that Children of Primary School age do not use social media. We recognise, however, that some children do. If your child uses any social media platforms we strongly recommend that parents/carers monitor what they say (and what is being said to them). This website gives guidance on current social media trends for children, and makes you aware of potential dangers.

NSPCC & Childline

Both of these fantastic organisations have resources to help you keep your child safe. The NSPCC do this through their ‘Share Aware’ campaign. Similarly, Childline offer a wealth of advice to keep children safe and to help when things go wrong.