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Maple Cross JMI & Nursery

Travel to School

Maple Cross is easily accessible by foot. We have walking and cycling routes to school. The vast majority of all learners live within our Maple Cross community to support walking and cycling and those that live further afield are encouraged to park and walk (i.e. park at least a ten minute walk away).Bronze Award

We are keen to encourage the use of active and/or sustainable travel where possible and are pleased to have been awarded Modeshift STARS Bronze Accreditation for our school Travel Plan 2023. We won't stop there and are aiming for silver and gold!

Breakfast is available at breakfast club (paid cost) for all students who arrive early. This means if active or sustainable travel is an earlier start from home, breakfast is always an option.

Student Safety

Please note that our school gates are closed throughout the day. Anyone arriving at Maple Cross JMI and Nursery outside of the normal 'window' for arrivals must speak with the office team at the main entrance. This applies whether on foot, bicycle or travelling by car.

This helps us to ensure that our students are safe during the school day.

Public Transport

Arriva Buses

Maple Cross JMI and Nursery is served by buses, with the 320, 322, R1, R2 and W1 routes stopping a short walk from the Main Entrance.

Arriva timetables are updated regularly and can be accessed by downloading the Arriva app or using the 'Plan a Journey' tool on their website. 

Train Travel

The school is a bus ride away from Rickmansworth Underground Station on the Metropolitan Line. This line serves train northbound towards Chorleywood, Amersham and Chesham and Southbound towards Baker Street and Aldgate. 

For useful information about train travel go to: https://tfl.gov.uk/

The school is also a short journey from Denham Station which has trains into London Marylebone (southbound) and High Wycombe, Oxford and Birmingham. 

For useful information about train travel go to: https://www.chilternrailways.co.uk/

Active Travel

Walking to School

Although situated on a B road which is quite heavily used, there are a number of safe crossing points, which are either pedestrian controlled traffic lights or Zebra Crossings, in the vicinity of the school. These make it easier for families wishing to walk to school to do so in safety. If walking, please ensure that all members of the family are aware of the need for safe and sensible behaviour on their journeys to and from school. 

Cycling to School   

While we are keen to encourage students to use sustainable transport options where possible, we are also very mindful of the potential dangers that may be faced by cyclists as they travel to and from school. We wish to ensure that all our pupils are safe and that any who choose to cycle do so in a safe and responsible manner and do not endanger either themselves or other road users.    

All pupils should complete their Bike Ability Level 1 and 2 in Year 5. In addition, parents/carers should be regularly checking and maintaining their child's bike to ensure it is road worthy. Pupil's must wear a helmet when cycling to school.

Arriving at School by Car

If arriving at school, or being collected by car, parents must not drive into the school grounds and should not stop or wait near to the school entrance. The yellow zig-zag lines clearly demarcate this area.  Please park with consideration for other road users if travelling to school by car and do not block the drives of any of our local neighbours. 

We also ask that parents avoid parking in, or near to, the staff entrance of the school in Denham Way. Parking in this area blocks access for delivery vehicles and staff. 

Thank you for your consideration.

Travel by Car - Ride and Stride

Where travel by car is unavoidable we encourage parents and carers to consider the option of Ride and Stride. Parents or Carers find a safe place to park, maybe a five to ten-minute walk away from school – it needs to be somewhere where they won’t inconvenience local residents while they drop off the student(s) so that they can walk the last part of their journey. This saves time for Parents and Carers and enables students arrive at school on foot, which gives a healthier start to the day as well as improving air quality for the school community and local residents. The public car park near the tennis courts on Denham Way.

Arriving at School by Car - Idling

Please note that if visiting Maple Cross by car you are politely requested to switch off your engine when stationary.

Maple Cross operates an anti-idling ethos and would be grateful for your cooperation with this request. Whether on site or in the vicinity of the school, switching off your engine when stationary will help to improve air quality for everyone.