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Maple Cross JMI & Nursery

School Uniform

Nursery & Reception we allow and strongly recommend no skirts/dresses and that you use track suit bottoms/sweat pants as trousers

Hair, Jewellery & Decoration

Long hair must be tied up at all times using a simple hairband (long hair is any hair long enough to be tied up).  Large decorative bows etc. are not part of the school uniform and must not be worn.

We discourage any form of jewellery being worn by our children for safety reasons, however, we do allow one pair of small stud earrings (no hoop or hanging earrings) and one watch. Children must remove both for PE or cover with tape provided from home.

Nail varnish and make up should not be worn.


  • Black plain shorts
  • Red T-shirt with school logo
  • Trainers (Nursery and Reception only need these for the Summer Term)
  • A dark plain tracksuit or similar for cold weather (not needed for Nursery and Reception)
  • PE Bag

All children are required to change for physical education activities and children will need a P.E. kit.   Indoor P.E. lessons take place in the school hall in bare feet. Outdoor games take place throughout the school year.  For the colder winter months children will require a dark coloured track suit e.g. black.

Junior children will also require suitable one piece swimwear, small bath towels and a water proof bag.  Children from Year 3-5 go swimming for 11 sessions each term.

How to Purchase School Uniform

You may now purchase school uniform online through the Price & Buckland Website. Last order date for September 2021 is 1st August 2021- please do not direct the items to school. The online prices for these items are as follows:

Uniform Item

Prices From

Red V Neck Sweatshirt with Logo £11.25
Red Cardigan with Logo £11.75
Black Crew Neck Sweatshirt with Logo £10.75
Red Shower proof Fleece with Logo £17.50
Black Shower proof Fleece with Logo £17.50
PE T-Shirt with Logo £6.45
PE/Swim Bag with Logo £4.75
Polo Shirt with Logo £9.50