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Google Education and the Google Classroom - Parents Guide Autumn 2023 Google for Education

As the school aims to become more environmentally friendly, and the use of online platforms is increasing within education, it is important that the school moves to the use of the Google Classroom to support home learning. We recognise that change can be met with resistance and some challenges but we remain certain this is the right decision for all the learners at Maple Cross. 

We have created a simple guide to support the use of the Google Classroom at home. 

Log ins

At the beginning of the academic year, the class teacher will explain the log in to your child. For younger years this will be printed and stuck into their reading record. 

Your child’s log in will be as follows -



Year 1, 2 and 3

First name

First letter of surname


E.g. Jamima White


Year group in the formation of 

Year 1 = Y1

Year 2 = Y2

Year 3 = Y3

Year 4, 5 and 6

As above 

Initials followed by date of birth in the formation of dd/mm/yy

E.g. E.g. Jamima White with a birthday of 1st Jan 2018




A lack of device should never be a reason a child is unable to access Google Classroom. School wants to make devices available for those families who do not have suitable devices at home. These are very limited and so we ask that only those who have no access let us know. 


No child is punished because they have been unable to access learning at home. Our school management of behaviour policy explains that within school there is a therapeutic approach. 

We encourage all children to read aloud everyday as their primary home learning focus. This should be recorded in the reading record which is checked by school staff regularly. In addition to this, accessing Times Tables Rock Stars and then Google Classroom will provide parents an insight into what their child is learning in the classroom. 

Children should not spend excessive amounts of time matching digits up to perfectly align with their calculations. Recording on a device is different to recording in a book in the classroom. 

While there is an aim to keep home learning to a similar style each week the focus of the Maths or Writing learning may result in it being presented differently. 

Teacher Feedback

Class teachers will be disabling the comments sections. This is to ensure there is no expectation of comments being responded to outside of appropriate working hours. If children have questions about their learning they should speak to their class teacher at school. 

The Maths learning (White Rose) will not be formally marked by teachers but instead a mark sheet/answer sheet will be provided. This will allow children to review their learning with a family member at home. They can then correct their learning. This is similar to approaches within school. 


Keeping children safe and preventing them from harm is the most important role of any school or educational setting. If your child uses the Google Classroom in any way that is unkind to themselves or others this will be addressed within school. 

Google classroom submissions will be tracked to ensure no child is using the Google Classroom at a time when it would be recommended they are asleep. 

We look forward to working together to ensure Maple Cross becomes a full Google Education school within the next three to four years.