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Maple Cross JMI & Nursery

List of School Governors

Names Type of Governor

Date of appointment

(term of office 4 years)

Business Interests

Other Governor

positions held

Relationship between

Governors/ Staff

Committee Membership

Attendance at FGB

meetings 2023/2024

Laura Whyte    (Chair)


LEA Governor 21 July 2018 None None None Quality of Education (Member)  0/0

Divya Thaker

Parent July 2020 None None None Finance (Chair) 0/0
Barry Munnelly Parent 10 Dec 2018 None None None Finance (Vice Chair) 0/0
Louise Price Associate March 2024 None None None  (Member) 0/0
Hannah Trickett Head 1 Sept 2018 (Head has no FGB end date ) None None Headteacher Quality of Education (Member) 0/0
George Black Parent Governor March 2024 None None None  (Member) 0/0
Emma Bailey Associate 10 July 2018 None None Assistant Head   0/0
Tony McConnell


31 March 2022 Historical Association Volunteer, Merchant Taylors' School Employee  None None  Quality of Education (Chair)  0/0
Lucy Bone Co-Opted Governor 10 May 2022  None  None None  0/0
Lisa Mayo Parent 21 July 2022 None None None Quality of Education (Vice Chair) 0/0
Priti Davda Co-Opted September 2022 None None None Quality of Education (Member) 0/0
Emma Phillips Clerk to governing board March 2024 None None None 0/0

Governors whose term of office has ended or resigned in the last 12 months:

Joanna Sweales Parent Resigned 1 February 2023 None None None  1/1
Masuma Hassanali Co-Opted Governor 16 November 2022 None None None 4/4
Sian Edwards Parent 15 December 2022 Nurse at Watford General Hospital Children’s A&E None  None 4/6
Steve Pidgeon Co-opted 9 November 2020 resigned 11th April 2022 TIB Services – Agent Co-opted governor at Longfield Primary School None 3/4
Jessica Ackland Parent

15 March 2019

resigned 20th July 2022

Works as part of Local Children’s Centre Provision None None 5/6
Harry Dignum Teacher

21 July 2021

resigned 20th July 2022

None None Teacher 5/6

Anjali Majithia  

Assistant Headteacher Resigned March 2024


none none