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Maple Cross JMI & Nursery


20.5.22 Butterflies!

A long awaited butterfly has finally emerged from it's chrysalis. Nursery had almost given up hope that it would happen.  Today having observed it for a little while, we released it into the school grounds. 

butterfly release




11.5.22 This week Nursery have been reading 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' by Eric Carle.  We've retold the story in a variety of ways, through stick puppets, knitted toys and by sequencing the pictures of the story. We have been seeing first hand the life cycle of a caterpillar as our caterpillars have now turned into chrysalises. The children have been anxiously monitoring them daily to note any changes - nothing so far!

Nursery caterpillars


29.4.22 Nursery have been learning about different types of minibeasts this week.  Some caterpillars arrived and we have been closely monitoring their changes each day - they're growing so quickly! We can't wait to see what happens next!




30.3.22 Nursery had a lovely session in Forest School this morning.  They decorated bread with different food colourings and then toasted them on the campfire.

Nursery Forest School


29.3.22 This morning, Nursery helped to plant some crab apple trees in the school grounds as part of The Big Climate Fightback through the Woodland Trust.

Woodland Trust


28.3.22 Happy Mothering Sunday from Nursery.


18.3.22  As part of Science Week, Nursery have been learning all about what a plant needs to grow.  We've discussed it together, mind mapping ideas and we've made cress heads to take home and monitor. We're looking forward to seeing the results in a few days.


11.3.22 Lots of excitement in Nursery and Reception this morning as we had a visit from  local Fire Fighters.  The crew showed the children the equipment they wear and explained why it was so important.  Then the children were shown the equipment on the fire engine and how it is used.


Fire Visit

4.3.22 World Book Day - Nursery have been celebrating World Book Day all week! The children have been making telescopes like Timothy Pope in Shark in the Park by Nick Sharratt and gone fishing like Only One You by Linda Kranz.  They have helped Mrs Biss, Ms Stickley & Mrs Duce retell their favourite stories using stick puppets and masks and we had a visit from the  Maple Cross Reading Leaders and listened to their favourite stories too.  On Thursday the children dressed as book characters and we welcomed in parents/carers to share some reading.  During their visit, the  children performed one of their favourite stories, We're Going on a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen and Helen Oxenbury.

Nursery book day


26.2.22 This week Nursery have been learning about different fruits from around the world, 

* The have been reading stories:  Oliver's Fruit Salad by Vivian French and Alison Barlett and Handa's Surprise by Eileen Brown.

* They have identified different fruits and the parts of the world they come from on a World Map. 

* The home corner was converted to a Fruit and Vegetable shop.

* The children have printed with fruit to create works of art.

* They ended the week by making fruit salad.

Fruit from around the world


5.2.22 Nursery have been celebrating the Chinese New Year, Year of the Tiger.  This  morning, we were delighted to welcome in all the Nursery parents/carers to share with them all the learning we have done this week.  We finished the week with a dragon dance in the hall with Reception.

Chinese New Year


 September 2021 - Welcome to Nursery 

class welcome letter nursery 2021.pdf