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Maple Cross JMI & Nursery

Physical Education

Curriculum subject leader: Miss Jessica Coxon


Physical Education Guidance 2023 and beyond


At Maple Cross JMI we aim to inspire all children to experience personal success and develop a passion for Physical Education. Our Curriculum is underpinned by our attributes of Lead, Reflect and Aspire. Our children will learn to be Team Builders in a competitive and healthy way with their peers. The children will understand what being part of a team is, with a sense of fairness and sportsmanship.

They will develop the skills to be positive communicators and creative thinkers, which relates to our Lead attribute. Through this, our children will develop physically, build stamina, resilience and respect for others. They will learn about healthy eating and exercise, both being an important aspect of our everyday life. Our children will learn to be challenge chasers and target setters through our robust and progressive curriculum which pushes the children during P.E. When our Maple Cross children leave school, they will be brave to try new things and to push themselves in life.


The children at Maple Cross receive 2 hours a week of P.E. coaching. One of these sessions is taught by CSE, our highly trained outside coaches who come into school and the other is led by the class teacher. Our CSE sports coaches are used effectively to develop the skill of both children and staff. We have chosen the Get Stet for P.E. scheme because it will enable our staff to deliver high quality P.E. thorough it’s detailed planning, vocabulary development, clear progression and assessment.

  • Active lessons with objectives building upon prior knowledge.
  • Regular celebrations of children’s success in whole school assemblies.
  • Leadership development. (Play leaders)
  • Regular tournaments against other schools.
  • Regular workshops to develop skill and leadership.
  • Afterschool clubs.
  • P.E assemblies


Through our highly structured and ambitious curriculum, our children will develop the confidence and enjoyment of physical activity. They understand the importance of being active and living a healthy lifestyle. Our curriculum offers a wide range of sporting opportunities. The impact will be seen through conversations with children and Teachers, monitoring of P.E. folders and regular observations of lessons taught. 

Our P.E. curriculum follows the ‘Get Set 4 P.E.’ scheme of skills and knowledge progression.

Our swimming curriculum is underpinned by Swim England’s recommended skills progression.

Curriculum Overview and End Points

p e progression 2023 beyond.pdf