Spanish with Ms Cacuci

Are you ready to put your Spanish knowledge to the test? Watch the video below and then answer the questions. You don’t need to print the sheets as you can copy them down and then answer.




REMEMBER to look for:

  • What are the colours being mentioned in the poem?
  • What are the objects being described?
  • Do you notice any patterns?


  1. Can you notice any sounds that we have learnt?
  2. Which sounds are the hardest to pronounce? Why?
  3. Can you attempt to recreate this poem in English? Will it have the same effect? Will there be any similarities? Why/ why not?

One thought on “Spanish with Ms Cacuci

  1. This is Harry in year 6.
    The first color is red I think they were strawberries,
    the next was yellow I think it was the sun 🌞 (sol) next was green I thought it was a leaf 🍃 and finally it was blue and I thought it was water 💧 or the sky and I enjoyed it so I hope to have another lesson soon, today my sister is giving my brother and I a Spanish lesson in family members. Thank you for the learning.

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