Year 3 – Chrome Books

There has been excitement in the Year 3 classroom this morning, as the children were given their logins for the Chrome books. After having a short demonstration from year 6 a few weeks ago, Year 3 can’t wait to start using them to support their learning. First stop – making a table using Google Sheets for their science investigation observations!

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Making justified inferences

This week, Year 5 have begun a new text in Literacy, ‘Escape from Pompeii’. We began with a small image, where two children were staring fearfully at something, from which we had to draw justified inferences. The quality of response was incredible.

“They must be looking at something bright because of the shadow that has been cast across their bodies.”

“They would have slightly different feelings as the older child would need to hold in their fear to protect the younger one.”

Then, the whole image was revealed and the children could see the erupting volcano. From this, we continued to make inferences using all the clues available to us. We dramatised and wrote the conversation between the two children. The writing was excellent with children dropping in information about their characters’ emotions throughout the conversation. During the drama, the children had carefully considered who needed to speak first to best represent the emotions and how to show an emotion through conversation.

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Careers’ Fair

Yesterday, Year 5 and Year 6 were invited to a careers’ fair at the Reach Free school. Before we went, the children decided which stalls they would like to visit and some key questions to ask. The children thought deeply about what they needed to know.

“What subjects do I need to study?”

“How much pressure is there?”

“How does it affect your mental health to work with sick people?”

The actual event was excellent with the children visiting all the stalls that were important to them and talking to the adults about the careers. They came away full of aspiration for their future and excited about the possibilities ahead of them.


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What is Learning?

Earlier this week, Year 6 joined Year 3 for some thoughtful discussion and debate about the different components of learning.

What actually is learning? What are the most important attributes? How do some of our attributes link together? 

Together, the classes designed their own ‘learning washing line’, showing their thoughts and ideas. Each group had the opportunity to compare and debate with another team.

We even had to consider if any learning attributes were missing? These were explained and justified to other groups.

It was a pleasure to experience the children’s developing views on learning and our wider school ethos.

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FGB Meeting

This evening the Full Governing Body held their meeting.  Ms Trickett reported to the governors about curriculum developments. Governors discussed curriculum reports on Music, Computing and PE. The budget was discussed. Minutes from the previous meeting were approved and signed and actions arising were reviewed.

Governors decided how to structure their visits to the school to ensure the visits are constructive and supportive. Governors  gave feedback on recent visits to the school and events that had been attended.  Last week’s training session on data was reported to be helpful and informative and further dates for governor training were determined.

Policies were reviewed and either approved, adopted or deferred to the next meeting.

The next meeting is on Tuesday 24th March at 6.00pm


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Frozen experiments in Nursery continued….

This week we continued our exploration of frozen water.  Last time we noticed that if you poured water on the ice it seemed to melt quickly.  This time, we had some salt, sugar and flour in bowls to see if they could speed up melting. We noticed the salt helped melt the ice, but the sugar and flour didn’t.  We also had two different sized lumps of ice and observed them throughout the morning to see which one would melt first.

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