Amazing sports week in Nursery

This week in Nursery, just like the rest of the school, has been all about sports.  We have had some amazing support from the rest of the school.  Each day we have sampled different activities.  On Monday we tried running skills on the playground, Tuesday we sampled ballet,  Year 1 on Wednesday led a ball skills session and today, Year 6 organised and delivered different activities for the Nursery and Reception children on the field.  Thank you everyone for your support, we’ve learnt new things and had lots of fun!

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Year 3 Reach New Heights

As part of National Sports Week, Year 3 were invited to our local secondary school, The Reach Free. They were able to experience the wonderful facilities and had the opportunity to learn two new sports, handball and trampolining. All children were ready and motivated to take full advantage of this experience and were so excited to come away with some new skills! We would like to thank the team at The Reach Free for welcoming us and sharing their expertise. We look forward to returning next week for athletics!

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Don’t forget to let love in.

This week in assembly we have been discussing how we let love in. We identified different ways we can show love and opportunities when we can do this. We also looked at pictures and thought about the following . . .

*We are all special – there are 6.7 billion people on the planet but there is only one us

*We are the apple of someones eye – knowing we are loved helps our heart to grow

*How do we develop love for ourselves? What do we love about ourselves?

What have you done to grow your heart?

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