Pupil Leadership

At Maple Cross, a key priority is developing non-positional leadership. This is the thinking that everyone is a leader and this includes pupils. On Thursday we hosted another Conference led by Equipping Kids. The event brought together a number of people who work in a spectrum of roles within education.

As part of the event, children from school shared how they are developing their own leadership skills using the work of Stephen Covey. They detailed the specific skills of beginning with the end in mind and also being proactive.

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Tea with Mrs T

This Friday’s ‘Tea with Mrs T’ was incredible. Learners from across school blew me away with the articulation of their learning. We had a modelled demonstration of maths using a hundred square, parts of stories read aloud, maths strategies explained and a collaborative learning story talked through.

The children listened to each others learning with genuine interest while enjoying a cup of hot chocolate. Congratulations to Robbie, Kieran, Lewis, Nathan, Gracie, Ella, Rowan, Jonathan, Klara and Aleksander.

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