Y4: Using trees as a stimulus for writing rainforest descriptions

Year 4 are about to embark on writing descriptive sentences about the rainforest. That’s pretty hard, if you’ve never been to one! So, in addition to our experience at Kew Gardens and our class learning so far, we went outside and used our school trees for inspiration. We talked about how they towered, stretched and reached above us. Can anyone remember what you call it when you attach persoon-like verbs to an inanimate object?

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Full Governing Body Meeting

This evening the Full Governing Body met and we welcomed Ms Laura Whyte as a new parent governor and Ms Scourfield as a new staff governor.  Ms Majithia and Mrs Bailey were welcomed as associate governors.  Ms Erasumus was elected as Chair and Ms Meykels was elected as Vice Chair for the coming academic year.

Mrs Trickett shared the School Improvement Plan priorities which are displayed in the school hall.

Governors discussed their roles and responsibilities and were linked to a class to  visit on a regular basis.

Polices underwent an annual review and were approved.

A governor day is planned for October where governors will come and experience learning in all areas of the school.

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