Parent Friday Learning from each other

On Friday, we had the pleasure of learning about and tasting some traditional food from Fahreen Barkatali (Lyla’s mum in Reception.) People thought about what was similar to their own experiences: learning to cook from grandma, eating rice together, having a special meal that you make at the weekend (a Sunday Roast), having a comfort food. People thought about what was different to their own experiences: a new flavour, a new texture, a new colour, do we always pay enough attention to the stories our grandparents tell us?

A huge thank you to Fahreen for taking a risk and communicating her own learning in such a positive way. Thank you to everyone who attended and was able to reflect on what we have in common and what makes us different.

This has all been possible thanks to our partnership with Dadima’s (Punjabi for Grandmother) with Anni and Geeta. Thank you,

This Friday, Ms Trickett will introduce our next presenter (my mother-in-law!) who will be sharing a Czech dish. We will again consider what similarities do we have and how learning about our differences can make us even stronger! The class in attendance will be Year 1, but as always, all are welcome!

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Meet an Expert

To conclude our STEM fortnight, on Friday, we were privileged to have Mr Dion-Fehily, a medical engineer, visit us at Maple Cross. He spent time inspiring our Year 5&6 learners of a career in engineering, time in years 1&2 creating lights at the top of a castle and Year 3 showcased their Viking longboats.  A great morning of engineering!

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