Learning to Take Turns

In Reception we have been learning to take turns.  When we wanted a turn on the bikes, we wrote our names on the blackboard and took a bike.  We cycled on the playground and when we heard the bell we had to come and  put our bike back.  There was someone watching a timer and when it was finished they rang the bell.  It was great as everyone had a turn at being on the bike.

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Maths learning in Reception

Outside today in our Independent Learning Time, children were comparing and sorting different leaves.  They looked closely at the shape and colour of the leaves and sorted the types into different buckets.

In our adult guided maths learning, we were learning to spot patterns of dots.  Children were able to subitise (just know the number without counting) the amount of dots that they could see in their play dough.  Everyone looked after their own personal play dough to make sure we are safe.

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A true inspiration – ASPIRE

In our class assemblies we have been thinking about what our learning attribute of ASPIRE truly means. We have been using the breakdown words and looking for evidence in our learning.

Solution / imagination / ambitious / ideas / brave / action / honesty / dialogue / resilience.

We have also started to find out about Wangari Maathai. How do you think she has been an aspiration?


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