A wonderful week of learning in Nursery

It has been a wonderful week of learning in Nursery.  We have made grass bouquets, drawn Greg from Happy Hatchday, made repeating patterns with nature, built a den in the woods, started to blend sounds to make simple words and got to grips with number order.  We also found some sticky weeds that stuck to our tops – we found that very funny and talked about why some plants might want their seeds to stick to us.  Have a good weekend Nursery – can’t wait to do it all again Monday!

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Building, investigating and discovery in Reception

Fabulous team work was evident today in Reception. This morning some children worked as a team to play a phonics game. This afternoon team work was needed to build a house I the woods. The sticks were so long we needed “a friend on the end” and one was so long it needed 2 friends! In addition to this we have been reading, writing, investigating and counting. Also, an egg shell was spotted. The second one that has been found this week.

Looking forward to another great day tomorrow,

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