Year 5

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Teachers: Mrs Trickett & Mr Flint

In y5’s own words:

We are a small but friendly class who look after eachother. We like to be challenged as this helps us to learn. Sometimes we get stuck but we use our PMA to help us get out of ‘the pit’. We keep trying and don’t give up. We have lots of different personalities and sometimes this makes us fall out, but it never lasts long!

What are we learning?

AfricaThis term , our learning will be built around our topic: AFRICA. We will be looking at African animals and how they adapt to their environment and investigating the geography of the continent.  We teach a creative curriculum, so will weave this topic into the rest of our learning, where possible. We use the six learning hats to help us organise our thoughts.

What do we love about school?

  • Working collaboratively with friends and teachers.
  • Being part of a team. Sharing our work.
  • Having opportunities to learn.
  • Playtime!!
  • Using the computers and ipads.
  • Being part of a big family.
  • Art!

Don’t forget:

  • Swimming every Friday afternoon.
  • Bring in everything you need to learn, every day.
  • PE kits on Thursday.
  • To wear proper school uniform.