Teaching & Learning Staff

School Structure:

 Nursery    Early Years Foundation Stage
 Year 1    Key Stage 1
 Year 2
 Year 3    Lower Key Stage 2
 Year 4
 Year 5    Upper Key Stage 2
 Year 6

Leadership Team

Ms H Trickett Head Teacher
Ms A Majithia Assistant Head Teacher (Maths Curriculum & Pupil Leadership Lead)
Mrs E Bailey Assistant Head Teacher (Reading Curriculum Lead & NQT Mentor)
Ms A Fox Inclusion Manager (InCo)
Ms E Fawcett Writing Curriculum Lead
PPG Lead


Ms J Biss Class Teacher
Ms L Heydarzedeh Early Years Practitioner


Ms J Scourfield Class Teacher
Ms K Stickley Early Years Practitioner

Year 1

Ms S Anand Class Teacher

Year 2

Mr H Dignum Class Teacher

Year 3

Ms E Bailey (Mon-Wed)
MsA Majithia (Wed-Fri)
Class Teacher

Year 4

Ms S Lumm Class Teacher

Year 5

Ms E Fawcett (Mon-Thu)
Mrs A Fox (Thur-Fri)
Class Teacher

Year 6

Ms P Cacuci Class Teacher

Support Staff

Across school our support staff work in a number of classes to support both individuals, groups and whole classes. Support staff cover teachers PPA (planning, preparation and assessment time, 1 afternoon per week) and Leadership time. Specific roles of support staff are reviewed formally regularly and adapted to meet the needs of learners, this can happen mid term.

 Mrs S Bates
 Mrs L Bone
 Ms S Duce
 Ms L Heydarzedeh
 Ms A O’Reilly
 Mrs J Sheeky
 Ms K Stickley
 Mr G Watson

Other Teaching & Learning Staff

Mrs P Arbon 1:1 Support
Ms L Coles Art Therapy
Mr P Fisher Music Teacher (Brass)
Mr R Makondo Music Teacher (Drums)
Ms B Townsend Music Therapy

We would like to thank all of our volunteers for their dedicated support. Our volunteers provide essential support to our children and they look forward to reading with them.

If you have time, and would like to help in the school, please contact the School Office.