Curriculum subject leader: Mrs Emma Bailey


The Reading Curriculum- 2020 and beyond

Readers at Maple Cross explore and analyse a variety of enriching and diverse texts which allow them to broaden their understanding of the world, develop their vocabulary and share their love and enthusiasm for reading in a range of ways. Readers demonstrate a deep understanding of authors’ choices and techniques and can apply these to their own learning.


How reading is taught at Maple Cross

Reading is a vital component of learning across all curriculum areas and is planned for in a range of ways.

  • Guided Reading – direct teaching in small groups on an appropriately pitched text.
  • Shared Reading (Echo Reading) -teacher modelling of reading strategies and fluency. Exploration of the reading process.
  • Class reader texts –Teacher prepared passages/texts which encourage higher level discussion and deep comprehension.
  • Independent Reading– Children learn without direct input through a range of reading experiences. These opportunities are given throughout the week and should continue at home.

Click here for the full learning to read document. This document gives the breakdown and progression of reading and the techniques needed.


Authorial Techniques

During guided reading, shared reading, class readers and independent reading children are taught and explore authorial techniques. Click on the links below for examples.

Key Stage 1

Lower Key Stage 2

Upper Key Stage 2


Reading Book Colour Bands

At Maple Cross School, we ensure rigorous assessment through daily guided reading, class reader sessions, curriculum lessons and our individual banded reading books approach. Children are supported to enjoy reading independently and are regularly assessed through ongoing teacher led group and 1:1 reading opportunities. We ensure that specific reading skills of each child are tracked accurately and necessary support and challenges are set accordingly.

We use a colour banded system to track individual reading progress from Nursey to Year 6. Please see guidance below to see how each colour links to year group expectations. These books are used in conjunction with other quality texts for reading pleasure.



Children must be exposed to reading opportunities every day both at home and at school to ensure they are given time to build and practice the wide range of reading skills necessary to become a secure reader.


Further information and support

See the guidance of key areas of development when learning to read…


Updated overview document – coming soon.