Authorial Techniques – Key Stage 1

During guided reading, shared reading, class readers and independent reading children are taught and explore authorial techniques.


Key Stage 1

Technique Definition Example
Detailed description The author gives the reader a specific picture in their mind using well-chosen adjectives!

The scruffy man let his worn coat hang off his slumped shoulders.


The worn, torn jacket hung lifelessly off the old, unkempt man.


Scruffy, torn trousers and an emaciated frame suggested a life of neglect.


The worn, unkempt jacket hung lifelessly off the old, dishevelled man.

Exclamation Marks Simple sentence structures should include some exclamatory sentences

What a terrible mess you made!




How terrible that night was!

She screamed!

Powerful vocabulary Simple sentence structures should be accompanied by powerful vocabulary

The dog growled one last growl, and then whimpered and scampered away.


The boy screamed and screeched and ran wailing to the nearest tree and heaved himself up.


Down the street it padded, with a glare to the right and a glare to the left, and a savage twitch of its great black nose.


The beast rampaged through the town, demolishing everything in its wake.