Main Uniform

Smart grey trousers/shorts/skirt/dress or red checked dress.
School red sweatshirt/cardigan (with school logo)
Plain white polo shirt.
Warm weather proof coat.
Book bag.

Nursery & Reception we allow and strongly recommend no skirts/dresses and that you use track suit bottoms/sweat pants as trousers.


Black sturdy flat shoes   (No trainers, boots, heels, sandals or platform shoes).


Long hair  must at all times be tied up using a simple hairband (long hair is any hair long enough to be tied up).  Large decorative bows etc. are not part of the school uniform and must not be worn.


  • Black plain shorts
  • Red T-shirt with school logo
  • Trainers (Nursery and Reception only need these for the Summer Term)
  • A dark plain tracksuit or similar for cold weather (not needed for Nursery and Reception)
  • PE Bag

All children are required to change for physical education activities and children will need a P.E. kit.   Indoor P.E. lessons take place in the school hall in bare feet. Outdoor games take place throughout the school year.  For the colder winter months children will require a dark coloured track suit e.g. black.

Junior children will also require suitable one piece swimwear, small bath towels and a water proof bag.  Children from Year 3-5 go swimming for 11 sessions each term.

The full school uniform is not required for children in Nursery and Reception class, just a red jumper with th school logo, along with comfortable clothes.  Children from Year 1 are expected to wear the full school uniform.

How to Purchase School Uniform

You may now purchase school uniform online through the Price & Buckland Website. The online prices for these items are as follows:

Uniform Item

Prices From

Red V Neck Sweatshirt with Logo £11.25
Red Cardigan with Logo £11.75
Black Crew Neck Sweatshirt with Logo £10.75
Red Shower proof Fleece with Logo £17.50
Black Shower proof Fleece with Logo £15.50
PE T-Shirt with Logo £5.50
PE/Swim Bag with Logo £4.75
Book Bag with Logo £5.00