School Meals

HCL logoAt our school we promote healthy eating at lunchtime. We provide a Pupil Choice Menu each term where children can pick from a variety of healthy and nutritious meals each day. We offer a selection of two hot dishes, one being a vegetarian option, or a school packed lunch. If children bring a packed lunch from home we encourage a healthy balance of food including fruit or vegetables. If you would like to view our Pupil Choice Menu for this term please follow the link below.

Our food is provided by Hertfordshire Catering. Click here for more details.

School meals are free in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2.   Children in Years 3-6 are charged at £2.55 per meal from the 16th April 2018, however, some children may also be eligible for free school meals. Click here for further details, or come in and ask us for more details.


Autumn Menu 2020 – until half term


Milk & Fruit

Free milk is provided to children in Nursery (up until the term they are five) and children who are eligible for free school meals up to the end of Key Stage 1. Milk is available for all other children in Reception, Year 1 and 2 on a termly basis, payable in advance. There is no refund for absences.

Fruit & Vegetables

A free piece of fruit or vegetable is given to Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 children every day.

Key Stage 2 children may bring in a healthy break time snack (fruit or cereal bar). In line with our health education policy, we do not allow sweets to be brought to school. They should not be included in a child’s lunch box.