This term, Year 5 have been investigating parachutes. After having a go using whatever materials they wanted, Year 5 generated their own questions and set up their own experiments. Most children chose to investigate the different canopy shapes. They were fantastic at learning to use a protractor and accurately drawing and measuring the shapes to make the canopies. We even had a few heptagons! We tested the shapes this afternoon. Which shape made the best parachute? How do you know?

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Year 6 – Biscuit Dunking

This afternoon, Year 6, were given the question: Which biscuit is the best dunker?

They spent time looking at the texture and dimensions before testing the range of biscuits in the hot chocolate.

They tested: Party Rings, Chocolate Digestives, Digestives, Custard Creams, Bourbon, Fruit Shortcake, Fox’s crunch, Rich Tea and Oreo’s.

Which do you think was the best biscuit to dunk and why?

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Lego Table

Introducing Sun Setters new LEGO table. Sun Setters Have been enjoying their new LEGO table and have been very creative both on top of the table and underneath.
We are getting ready for the showing of The Batman LEGO movie which will be shown at Film Club on Friday 25th May. If you would like to come along it costs £2 which includes a drink and a snack. You can book with Sun Setters.

What can you create with LEGO?

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FGB Meeting: 14th May 2018

This evening, the Full Governing Body met in what was a very well attended meeting. As always we discussed the shape of Maple Cross’s past, present and future. Topics included:

  • An update from the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths) Cluster.
  • An update from the Creative (Reading, Writing, Art, Music) Cluster.
  • A review of the 2017/18 financial position and an interrogation of the 2018/19 budget.
  • Discussion of how well Governor Link Visits are working. Do they need to evolve?
  • An update on the progress of our GDPR compliancy.

Do get in touch if you have any questions.

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Caterpillar update!

Week 3 – what has happened to the caterpillars?

Today Nursery checked up on our caterpillars. They noticed they have continued to grow fatter and fatter and fatter! There are webs in the pot and the children are very curious about where they came from and why they are there. The children have started to make a book to keep a record of all the changes.

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Intergenerational Parent Friday – Joan’s Scones!

It was an absolute pleasure to welcome Joan to share her scone related stories. We all were able to learn so much and enjoyed some delicious scones as well.

What did we have in common with Joan’s scones and her story?

“It tastes like a jam tart because the bread bit feels hard like tarts.”

“It reminds me of my grandma’s biscuits.”

And what differences did we learn about?

“[During the war] Joan didn’t have eggs but I could go to the shops and get as many as I want!”

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