Curriculum subject leader: Miss Katie Saxon

Curriculum Statement

Musicians at Maple Cross develop deeper musical understanding and expression by performing, composing and listening. Musicians explore and improvise using a range of instruments, including their voice and express how their experiences make them feel. Musicians recognise that high quality performance takes practise and reflection on personal skills and how to make improvements.


The aim of the curriculum at Maple Cross School is to raise children’s aspirations.

  • To listen to high quality music performances
  • To take part in high quality music performances
  • To learn to play a musical instrument


The music curriculum will recognise, acknowledge and celebrate the children’s various starting points and concurrently provide opportunities to broaden and enrich their horizons.

  • A rich and balanced curriculum that offers diverse opportunities depending on children’s starting points.
  • Nursery rhymes in EYFS
  • Children demonstrating early musical talent, recognised and developed


The structure of the music curriculum is informed by both professional research and the context, needs and interests of the children.

The subject leader is passionate about music and is a skilled musician who is able to offer a range of opportunities both to adults and children


The music curriculum will focus on the growth of and deepening in knowledge, the development and application of skills, the exposure to challenging concepts and the exploration of values and attitudes.

  • The school uses a variety of schemes of work that develop children’s singing voices and instrumental expertise and opportunities.
  • Detailed lesson plans show continuity and progression from year to year.


Connections and links within and across the music curriculum will be made to promote and support learning. The curriculum will develop children as lead learners by developing inquisitive and curious minds and by providing them with opportunities to crucially reflect

  • Wherever possible musical links are made through all areas of the curriculum and this can be seen in planning across the school.
  • For example in EYFS music is used through the topic of Traditional Tales
  • Throughout the school the use of music and art are linked.


Click here to view the music curriculum.

Each week Year 4 and Year 5 have brass lessons with our specialist music teacher Mr Fisher.
The children learn to read music as well as the technical aspects of music; pitch, duration, dynamics, tempo, timbre, texture, structure


The children listen to and discuss different historical periods and genres. Within Year 5 this includes links to the writing topic around prejudice and discrimination and great musicians from black history.


The children have opportunities to perform to the rest of school and families.


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