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Room/Item, for Hire Cost Conditions
Hire of Hall, dining area & toilets £40.00 for first 2 hours
£12 per additional hour
£120 max for all duty
2 Hours minimum hire
Additional charge for heating £20 first 2 hours
£7 per additional hour
£60 max for all day
Only if used
Two hour minimum charge
Additional charge for kitchen If heating foods £20 per hire
If preparing beverages £10 per hire
Only if used
Classrooms & nursery £20 per room per hour
(including heating)
Offered for hire very occasionally for holiday play schemes
Staffroom & office Not for hire
Grounds/Playground (Occasional hire) £25 first 2 hours
£12 per additional hour
£100 max. for all day
Use limited to one half day per week-end (excluding Sunday afternoon) during term time
Insurance for public liability cover for hirer 5% of the total premises hire charge Hirers may arrange their own insurance.  Copy of insurance Certificate must supplied
Projector £10 per hire
Piano £10 per hire


For all lettings, payment in full at least 10 days prior to the event.


Certain groups may qualify for a 50% discount on all the above charges.  Groups qualify for a discount if they are a non-profit organisation e.g. Clubs, Scouts, W.I. etc.

Cancellation Conditions

If cancelled by hirer more than 48 hours prior to the event a full refund will be given but a charge of £10 will be made to recover administration costs.

If cancelled by school at any time prior to the event a full refund will be made (pro-rata if the letting is for more than one occasion).  Such cancellations will only be done in exceptional circumstances, such as previous mis-use of the school by the hirer or no available staff cover.

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