Curriculum subject leader: Ms Hannah Trickett

The History Curriculum- 2020 and beyond

A historian at Maple Cross is curious about our local history and that of the wider world including how these have influenced each other. They ask critical questions and weigh evidence to develop their own perceptive while examining and developing understanding of the complexities of people’s lives. Historians are empathetic towards the diversity of society and how this has changed.

Historians examine change, cause and consequence, similarities and differences, connections, contrasts and trends through periods of time up until the modern day including cultural, economic, military, political, religious and social timescales.




The aim of the history curriculum at Maple Cross School is to raise children’s aspirations.

History raises aspirations when our pupils learn about people and events in the past that changed the world forever. Our pupils look for similarities and differences with their lives today and are encouraged to be change makers for future historians to learn about.

Children visit museums and areas of significance both locally and further afield to see history brought to life including the Roman impact on St Albans, The Churchill War Rooms and Imperial War Museum in London and welcoming local, elderly residents from our community to share personal stories of the history of Maple Cross.


The history curriculum will recognise, acknowledge and celebrate the children’s various starting points and concurrently provide opportunities to broaden and enrich their horizons.

We recognise that for some of our pupil’s generations of their families have lived in Maple Cross and worked locally and for others their personal and family history did not start in Maple Cross and look to celebrate their own stories from other parts of the UK and further afield.


The structure of the history curriculum is informed by both professional research and the context, needs and interests of the children.

The history curriculum leader reads widely, meets with other curriculum leaders and evolves the curriculum to best meet the needs of all children. Core texts are identified into each history topic and banded reading books include historical topics so pupils have opportunities to return to topics after they have finished studying them.


The history curriculum will focus on the growth of and deepening in knowledge, the development and application of skills, the exposure to challenging concepts and the exploration of values and attitudes.

Pupils learn to understand the concept of chronology by studying different historical time periods over their eight years. Within UKS2, pupils begin to compare periods of time and the interconnected impacts of British history and wider world history.

New knowledge of key dates, facts and figures and developed and prioritised for pupils. Reading a range of sources is crucial to historians at Maple Cross.


Connections and links within and across the history curriculum will be made to promote and support learning. The curriculum will develop children as lead learners by developing inquisitive and curious minds and by providing them with opportunities to crucially reflect

Where learning naturally fits, other curriculum areas filter into history but links are never forced. As children develop historical skills they begin to answer more and more complex questions that are posed to them through topics. Through the school’s key attributes of reflect, lead and aspire pupils are taught to be inquisitive and reflective.


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