Curriculum subject leader: Ms Hannah Trickett


The Geography Curriculum- 2020 and beyond

A geographer at Maple Cross is fascinated about the world and its people, celebrating diversity locally and globally. Geographers use a range of sources to gain and deepen their understanding of the world they live in.


The aim of the geography curriculum at Maple Cross School is to raise children’s aspirations.

  • To learn about the world around them and the people who share this planet.
  • To be inspired to seek possibilities and opportunities locally, nationally and globally.


The geography curriculum will recognise, acknowledge and celebrate the children’s various starting points and concurrently provide opportunities to broaden and enrich their horizons.

  • All children, regardless of their starting point, will develop a strong sense of place and location.
  • A wide breadth of cultures, traditions and heritages will be explored.


The structure of the geography curriculum is informed by both professional research and the context, needs and interests of the children.

  • The school belongs to the Geography Association (GA) and teachers read around the subject.
  • Structures and support from the GA have provided unit overviews.
  • Personalised planning units that link to our local context have been developed.


The geography curriculum will focus on the growth of and deepening in knowledge, the development and application of skills, the exposure to challenging concepts and the exploration of values and attitudes.

  • Within the curriculum, key geographical skills have been identified including progression across key stages.
  • Wherever possible learning will include practical learning in and around the local context.


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