The Smallest Theatre in the World

Today, in Literacy, Year 4 explored Stig of the Dump using ‘The Smallest Theatre in the World’. They all directed one actor exploring the feelings, actions and reactions of the character. They were incredibly engaged and it was amazing to hear such varied suggestions and to hear some children linking these effectively to the text we had been reading


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Y3 Fire Safety

Linking in with the sad events of the Grenfell tower fire, Y3 has been discussing and exploring what to do when in a fire. The children went around the school looking for objects that would help keep us safe. We have also discussed what to do if there was a fire at home.

What would you do, Year 3, if there was a fire at home?

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Stig of the Dump

To start their exploration of Stig of the Dump, Year 4 identified all the clues about the setting in the first two pages of the text. They then used these to make their own chalk pits. They were brilliant at hunting through the text for clues about the setting and coming up with ideas for the resources they could use. They then used this learning to start writing sentences which evoked the atmosphere of the pit. Some of the language they have used is incredible. Each group has something to be really proud of. I have picked just a few to share.

“The sticks, jagged and splintered, grabbed hold of the crumbly earth tightly.” Rihanna

“Bit by bit, the litter, abandoned and worthless, cracked while the jagged fence crumbled up.” Matthew and Francie

“The creeper, withered and aged, furiously, whistled like a hawk.” Orla and Andrei

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Busy week in Nursery

This week has been a busy, busy week in Nursery. Everything has been happening – from Science investigations to flower planting.

Take a look at what we have been up to.

  • Planting beans in glass pots and plastic bags – which will grow the tallest?
  • Investigating what happens to plants in dyed water
  • Planted sunflower seeds
  • Hunted for mini-beasts
  • Counted legs on different mini-beasts
  • Outdoor PE in the sunshine

Nursery, what was the best piece of learning this week? Why?

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Year 4 Compromise

Year 4 have been using The Huge Bag of Worries as a way to explore worries and how to deal with them. Over the past two sessions, they have had to advise the character on how to deal with different worries. As a group, they came up with lots of ideas but gradually had to narrow them down to the best solution. This involved lots of discussion, collaboration and, of course, compromise. You worked so well to reach your decisions, Year 4.

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Y1 & Y5 Joint Learning: Speaking & Listening

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Y5 have shown a huge amount of focus this week as they prepared to read their ‘Tinga Tinga Tales’ stories to Y1. Year 5 – you have achieved a huge amount over the last 8 days. You have:

  • Written and redrafted a story in literacy based on our learning about adaptation in science.
  • Created a ‘before and after adaptation’ piece of art.
  • Manipulated a scanned image of your art – cropping it, resizing it and super-imposing it on a background in computing. You then laid text over the top of your newly created image.
  • You then rehearsed performing your story to eachother and listened to eachothers constructive criticism.
  • Then we read our stories to Y1 and helped them in their learning by asking them to predict what might happen next and asking them to identify beginning, middle and end.
  • Some of you took huge risks and read your stories out in front of whole class, and even the whole school (many of you wanted to – but there wasn’t enough time!)

Year 1, you were superb and tried really hard to listen to the stories and answer the questions put to you by year 5. Well done you! Did you enjoy year 5 visiting your class? How did you feel about answering all their questions?

Year 5 – how do you feel now we have completed our mini-project? What challenged you the most?


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