Writing with our feet!

In Nursery we continue to develop our gross motor skills and core strength ready for us to be story writers when we move to Reception.

Today we focussed on core strength by challenging the children to write with a pen between their toes! It got even more challenging when they had a pen in each foot.

Nursery what was the best bit about writing with your feet?

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Year 6 – Shared Writing

This morning, Year 6 spent some time discussing and debating what should be included in a paragraph, linked to our text, Journey to Jo’Burg. They then began to write their paragraph as a group. The children showed great collaboration when writing and voiced their opinions and ideas respectfully with one another. Year 6 – What did you find challenging about the shared writing?


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Jam tart shopping list


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This week Year 1 have been reading a non- fiction book called ‘Jam tarts’. It explains how to go on a shopping trip and buy different food items. Year 1 loved reading about the trip and decided that they would like to go on a trip to the shops themselves. This morning they have been working collaboratively┬áto create a shopping list of the ingredients needed to make Jam tarts. They numbered each item and used their sound mats and Fred talk to sound out. Some children even managed to spell their red words correctly! They are very excited to bring their shopping lists with them after break and can’t wait to work out the money they need to spend ­čśŐ

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Y5: WALT consider sentence structure whilst writing explanation texts.

This week in literacy, y5,┬á we will be writing an information text based on our experience at ‘Hazard Alley’. When complete, they will all be put together to make our very own ‘y5 safety booklet’ (we’ll send a copy to Hazard Alley to see what they think).

This is a great opportunity for us to focus on some technical skills in our writing. Take a look at these terms:

  • main/independent clause
  • subordinate/dependent clause
  • relative clause
  • adverbial clause/phrase
  • (coordinating) conjunction
  • modal verb
  • relative pronoun
  • imperative verb
  • parenthesis
  • noun / verb / adverb

We’ll discuss them in class again – but you can use the glossary at the bottom of the page to help you, throughout your learning this week.

This sentence has had all of the punctuation removed:

the water which may be very deep should only be entered by professional rescue services (more…)

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An example of editing

This morning, Year 6 were shown what editing looks like through the eyes of an author. We looked at a first edit of Northern Lights written by Philip Pullman and the children were amazed at how editing meant things being cut out rather than added.

Have a look at the link below.


Year 6, what are your thoughts on editing?



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