Y5/6: What has ‘Tinga Tinga Tales’ got to do with science? (Part 2)

I’m sure you’ve all watched Tinga Tinga Tales at some point, but did you know that underneath the stories and the beautiful artwork, there is some fascinating science that challenged many peoples view of how living things evolve and adapt to their environment? Watch the video and see if you can see how it links to our earlier research.

Other useful resources:

Mary Anning

Alfred Russel Wallace

Charles Darwin


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Y5/6: What has ‘Tinga Tinga Tales’ got to do with science? (Part 1)

Before we reveal what our science focus is, what do you think links these pictures (hover over them for additional information). What strategies will you use, and what resources will you need to start making links between them? What will you do if you find a word that you don’t understand? What information or knowledge do you already have that might help?


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This morning, Year 2 children experienced their very own fire. We made predictions, asked quality questions and observed what happened through the different stages. It was wonderful to witness the children’s own links to their learning and the vocabulary that was generated will support the children as they continue to learn about the Great Fire of London!

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Y5: ‘Hazard Alley’ Safety Centre trip

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Y5 went on a brilliant trip this morning that was not only fun, but could save their life (or someone else’s!).

They went through a variety of situations that posed a risk to their safety including: fire safety, water safety, safety around the home, consequences of shoplifting, safety around train lines, e-safety and so much more (see the photos).

Parents be warned; the children will be seeking to identify risks around their homes!

Huge thank you to our PTA for funding this trip and to our volunteers, Mrs Cox and Mr Ray, for joining us.

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