MX Explorers – Who sawdust?

Things we noticed:

  • A fine white dust comes out of the stick when we cut it with the saw.
  • When we rub sandpaper on our sticks it makes the wood more smooth (and the colour seems to change)
  • The blade of the saw and the cut end of the stick got warmer after we had cut it, but quickly cooled down.
  • The drill cut through the stick slowly, but went through the grass quickly.

Can anyone use their knowledge to help us understand what we noticed?

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Year 4: Sound

Today we read some information about the ear, to provoke us to ask questions to further our learning. Luckily, we had our resident ear expert, who was very keen to answer some of our questions. William did a brilliant job as a teacher and we listened to him respectfully. We look forward to finding out more about sound next week, by planning our own scientific experiments!

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Mr Watson’s sundial.

Can you estimate the time that I took this photo, based on the position of the shadow?

Mr Watson is not the sort of person to let a learning opportunity slip away un-noticed! Yesterday, he noticed that the netball hoop post was basically a massive sundial. His group made a chalk mark of the suns position at 10.00am and then checked on its progress for the next few hours. This was completely un-related to everything else we were doing – I do love a good tangent!

When do we learn

Where do we learn?

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Busy, busy bees!

This week Nursery have been learning all about bees. We have discovered that bees are very busy and have special jobs.

  • A bees home is called a hive
  • The biggest bee is a queen bee who lays all the eggs
  • Some bees collect pollen and some look after lava
  • Bees produce honey
  • Bees like colourful flowers
  • Bees are yellow/gold and black
  • Bees make a buzzing sound
  • Bees can sting but they don’t like doing this

Today we touched, smelt and observed closely different parts of a bee hive. We looked at cells, wax, eggs and honey. We discovered different parts were very sticky, gooey and sweet smelling!


We also tried two types of honey and compared the difference between set and runny.

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The big, fat caterpillar!

Today there was much excitement in Nursery. Outside, a very big and fat caterpillar was found hiding under some boxes.

Very gently we held the caterpillar and felt it tickle our hands. We filmed the caterpillar walking and watched it back in class. We have added more information to our book we have been making about caterpillars.


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A Balanced Meal

Year 4 have been acting as personal trainers for some needy clients. They looked into their client’s diet and were horrified by the amount of sugar being consumed. They set about designing some balanced meals to help improve the diets. They worked brilliantly together to create realistic looking food using all sorts of resources including paper, dough and sponge. They demonstrated enormous focus for their learning today.

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Busy week in Nursery

This week has been a busy, busy week in Nursery. Everything has been happening – from Science investigations to flower planting.

Take a look at what we have been up to.

  • Planting beans in glass pots and plastic bags – which will grow the tallest?
  • Investigating what happens to plants in dyed water
  • Planted sunflower seeds
  • Hunted for mini-beasts
  • Counted legs on different mini-beasts
  • Outdoor PE in the sunshine

Nursery, what was the best piece of learning this week? Why?

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