Hunting for evidence

Year 6, today, were hunting for evidence in their text. We knew we were supposed to like one character and dislike another but we wanted to find out how the author had created this effect. The children explored deeply hunting for tiny elements of evidence and were brilliant at proving a point.

“The character is speaking sarcastically and that is never a nice thing to do.”

“The words he chooses to use are not a nice way of asking the question. He is challenging him.”

“This character blocks the doorway and doesn’t show him the room because he thinks that he isn’t clever enough to study there whereas the other character holds the door open for him.”

“The nice character recognises that he is smiling even though his face is disfigured. They understand each other.”

Most of the learning took place through discussion but children recorded some of their ideas. They worked particularly hard on how to present it.

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Piecing together the story

Today, Year 6 were given some unfamiliar language, which would appear in the section of Private Peaceful that we are reading this week. We discussed the meaning of the language and used this to draw images to represent the words. From the images and words, Year 6 had a go at predicting the events of the section we are going to read. They were amazingly accurate and were even able to predict which characters might say which things.


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Exploring characters in Private Peaceful

Year 6 have been thoroughly enjoying reading Private Peaceful. Last week, we explored the character of the Colonel in depth looking at how the author uses both direct and indirect description to make the reader really dislike him. The children were amazing at explaining what the indirect descriptions were designed to make us feel and also discussed why this might be a useful technique as an author. Today, they demonstrated how they are able to use expression to ensure that the meaning is understood when they were reading to their partners.

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Reading in Reception

Today we have been continuing to practise our reading. Words were written and placed in hoops and children read the words before jumping from the bridge into not the hoop. At snack time, children found that words were written on their bananas! They read the words before enjoying their snack.

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Private Peaceful

Year 6 have been exploring the beginning of Private Peaceful. They’ve dramatised and explored language before looking at characters, events and language choice more closely. They were challenged to explain an author’s choice of sentence without using the words ‘effective’, ‘powerful’ and ‘to make you read on’. The children showed a real depth of understanding by providing answers the specifically linked to different points in the text.

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Phonics and Maths in Reception

There was great engagement in phonics and maths today.  In phonics, some children played a game where they had to collect the sounds I said and then blend the sounds together to read the word.  This was fabulous as we were in the woods with lots of places to hide the sounds.  Inside, children worked together in pairs to order numbers from 1 to 20.  This is quite tricky but by encouraging one another and taking turns they managed to complete the task.  Well done everyone.

Great team work!

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Yr5 class reader

1. How does the description of the weather make you feel?
2. Could you create an equally effective description of today’s weather?
3. What do we learn about the character of Amanda in this section?
4. What could Rudger do instead of just hoping for an apology? Write him some advise.

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