BBC Ten Pieces Concert

Year 4 were invited to the Watford Colosseum this morning. They experienced a live orchestra and heard ten iconic pieces of classical music. The children were keen to watch and discuss the brass section and made lots of links to their own music learning with Mr. Fisher.

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Leading and learning

Tonight colleagues from Maple Cross travelled to Amwell View School to join the HertsCam Network event. Ms Heydarzadeh shared a poster about a project she is leading in Reception. Ms Heydarzadeh is using Edward DeBono’s thinking hats to support and develop pupils self-regulation. She spoke with a range of other practitioners from primary, secondary and specialist provisions to gain insight and ideas into her project.

Ms Thanki, Mr Flint and Ms Scourfield led workshops around their project themes including developing reasoning skills, use of technology and the computing curriculum and creating music makers and pupil leadership.

Speak to them to find out more.

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Year 4 Band Time

Year 4 are already enjoying their incredible music lessons with Mr Fisher. Today, the children saw each instrument for the first time time and five lucky children were chosen to be the very first to play them. Next week, all children from Y4 will learn about, handle and play their own brass instrument.

Come and ask us what we’ve learnt so far.

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Y5: Rounding Rap

Y5 were introduced to the ‘Rounding Rap’ today. The first version is most useful, from a learning point of view…

…but, you all enjoyed this version too – good for a laugh, and for the actions!

Is this an effective way of learning, year 5? maybe we should write our own rap to help us remember other rules?

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Music: ‘Ode to Joy’, Beethoven

Mr Fisher shared this video with us today, then years 5 and 6 began learning how to play it on their instruments. We’re not quite up to the standard of the musicians in the video yet, but you have to start somewhere…

Which instruments can you see/hear?

Can you work out the BPM?

Mr Fisher also asked if you could make a graph of this piece of music? What could he mean? Is anyone willing to have a ‘can do’ attitude and give it a go?

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Rickmansworth Music Festival: Songs to rehearse at school and at home

E-SAFETY:  Please ask permission from your parent/carer before watching the following youtube videos. The best way to view them is from within our website – that way you will only see the intended video (you won’t get the video suggestions at the end). Always remember – if something doesn’t feel right, stop and tell a responsible adult.

If you’re involved in the Rickmansworth Music Festival, we’ll be practising the songs below over the next few weeks:

Believe: this one has sign language too – you don’t need to learn it for the festival (though if you want a challenge…)

Hey Mr Miller: this one has actions – you won’t need to learn them.

Shine: you might have heard this one before…

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