Google video 2 – Exploring your Google G-Suite account

This is the 2nd video that gives you a very brief introduction to the features on your child’s Google account. If you are having issues logging in, here is a link to my first video.

This video aims to show you how to navigate around your Google account, highlighting apps that I think will be most useful to you. Have a go!

I’m aware that on an ipad it will look slightly different, and you will need to download the apps for Google Drive, Google Classroom, Google Docs etc – it should all work in much the same way though.

A quick tour of your Google account

Next video: Using Google Classroom.

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Google video 1 – Logging into your account

It’s really exciting to see more children accessing their learning through Google Classroom. However, we know that new things (especially technology!) can be daunting so i’ve put together some videos to guide you through the basics. As a well known song says, ‘let’s start at the very beginning’!

Logging into your Google account

Next video: Overview of apps including Google Classroom.

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Keeping safe and well online – advice and support for parents and pupils

At this time, there is much advice flying about and we wanted to share everything in one place for easy reference.

We know there is a lot of learning and fun happening online but it essential we all keep safe and continue to support our young people to learn how to stay safe online.

Promote Child Line to your young people. They may need someone outside of their home to talk to. Ensure your children have access to the phone number at all times – Call 0800 1111

Support for parents to ensure your children are staying safe online;

UK Safer Internet Centre

Internet Matters

London Grid for Learning

Net Aware

Parent Info

Think U Know









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Year 3 – Chrome Books

There has been excitement in the Year 3 classroom this morning, as the children were given their logins for the Chrome books. After having a short demonstration from year 6 a few weeks ago, Year 3 can’t wait to start using them to support their learning. First stop – making a table using Google Sheets for their science investigation observations!

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