Year 6 – Ready, Steady, Cook!

Year 6 have had an incredible DT day today, cooking and baking. The children spent some time before half term planning their recipes in groups. They were given the task of creating a 3 course meal to include and a starter using red bell peppers, mains using salmon and desserts using pineapple. We had a range of dishes from salmon and cucumber sushi, to pineapple and coconut cupcakes, honey glazed salmon to pineapple pancakes.

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Year 6 – DT Day

Today, Year 6 have had their third DT day! They created their own playground structures using their footprint plans. They were given a design criteria including a structure that moves, a structure that children can hide in and a structure that children would need to climb. Year 6 worked in teams to create their structures which involved children using a range of materials. Once the appropriate materials had been decided the children had to plan how they would join and attach the materials together.

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Year 4 DT Day

Today Year 4 have had their third DT day. We focussed on textiles today – particularly looking at fastenings. We analysed fastenings and decided what we liked about them. Then we designed our own book sleeve to meet a specific design criteria. We made a paper version to ensure we got our sizes correct and then we began with fabric.

Year 4 learned that sewing isn’t the easiest, but they persevered and all of them ended the day with a beautifully sewn book sleeve capable of holding their book and reading record. Well done!

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Year 6 – DT day – Electrical Systems

Year 6 have spent the day designing and making their hand held steady electrical game. We spent the morning analysing and researching what form over function meant. Once deciding on the purpose of the games and who they are making them for the children decided on a key theme. Once designing the bases we explored what shape the copper wire would need to be. This required using one line drawings which took some practice. Once designed the children explored making the circuits to ensure all the equipment was in working order. The final step was creating all the elements. The day required an extreme amount of resilience and perseverance

which was given by all.

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D.T. day – Year 5 (Stuffed Toys)

D.T. in Year 5 involved lots of fabric and sewing today. The children have discussed some of the toys that they can make from scratch and made their final choice.

After the design was ready, we looked at different types of stitching and had some practice.

The toys are still in the making, but look how fabulous they are so far!

Well done Year 5!

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Year 4 DT day – recipes

Today was DT day! Year 4 were focussing on developing a recipe for biscuits, but on a strict budget of £1.99 or less.

We made the biscuits first. We tasted biscuits and decided what we liked about them and used these to develop our own.

We used prices for each item to establish the total cost of production. Then, we created a box as packaging and decorated our biscuits to suit our target audience.


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