Proms in the Playground

Year 4 spent their Monday afternoon putting on a brass performance! They were one of the first groups of children to participate in ‘Proms in the playground’. They really got to show off everything they have been learning throughout their brass time in year 4. 

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Year 6 – Ready, Steady, Cook!

Year 6 have had an incredible DT day today, cooking and baking. The children spent some time before half term planning their recipes in groups. They were given the task of creating a 3 course meal to include and a starter using red bell peppers, mains using salmon and desserts using pineapple. We had a range of dishes from salmon and cucumber sushi, to pineapple and coconut cupcakes, honey glazed salmon to pineapple pancakes.

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Year 6 – DT Day

Today, Year 6 have had their third DT day! They created their own playground structures using their footprint plans. They were given a design criteria including a structure that moves, a structure that children can hide in and a structure that children would need to climb. Year 6 worked in teams to create their structures which involved children using a range of materials. Once the appropriate materials had been decided the children had to plan how they would join and attach the materials together.

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