Guided Reading

Year 5 have spent the week exploring the title and images from their new books. They have been encouraged to think more deeply about what the images could tell them about the text and to use this learning to imagine what they think the front cover should look like. Look how similar their front covers are to the real thing!

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Learning represented through Imaginative Artwork

Today, different classes worked together to think about how they can represent the concept of LEARNING through Art. The children were not allowed to use pencils or pens and had to be collaborative learners bringing together shared ideas to create these stunning creative pieces.

Each group was able to talk through how their creations were linked to learning. We were very impressed with all of the wonderful ideas that were shared.

Mrs Tricket is very excited to put each piece up for display to welcome us back into school in September.

Please take a momen to talk to your child about the ideas behind their pieces, I’m sure they will WOW you as they did us!

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Last week, Year 4 enjoyed a trip to the Reach Free school. They learnt how to play handball out on the astro and how to perform a complicated mix of jumps, turns and landings on the trampoline. Year 4 were brilliant at having a go at these new skills even when they felt a little nervous.

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Year 3 Reach New Heights

As part of National Sports Week, Year 3 were invited to our local secondary school, The Reach Free. They were able to experience the wonderful facilities and had the opportunity to learn two new sports, handball and trampolining. All children were ready and motivated to take full advantage of this experience and were so excited to come away with some new skills! We would like to thank the team at The Reach Free for welcoming us and sharing their expertise. We look forward to returning next week for athletics!

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Cave Paintings

Year 4 explored the various Stone Age cave paintings that have been discovered around the world. They used the styles of the different caves to create their own versions of the paintings. It was brilliant to see so many children taking risks in their learning by trying out new ideas, reflecting on what worked well and using this to create their final version.

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Y3 Guided Reading

This morning, Year 3 were excited to explore their new guided reading texts. As a team, they were able to re-assemble their front cover using a range of clues.

Already, the children are beginning to ‘stumble’ on new vocabulary and explore their own hidden connections to these new words!

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