Skoolbo – Maple Cross students gain international recognition!

Skoolbo-Hi-res-logoI knew that the children of Maple Cross loved Skoolbo; we’ve been using it for a while now. However, I  had no idea how well this school years re-launch would go! What has made the difference this year? Is it that we have a leaderboard on our school blog? Maybe. Is it that we all VALUE learning so much that we willingly do it in our own time? Possibly. Is it that Skoolbo is brilliant fun – not too easy, not too hard? You’ll have to let me know.


imageNo 1 in the World!

Andy H, as I write this post,  is currently at THE TOP OF THE WORLD LEADERBOARD! That means no-one, anywhere in the world, has answered as many Skoolbo questions as Andy, this week. This is an incredible achievement – you are really putting Maple Cross on the map! What attributes have you had to use, Andy?



Special recognition needs to go to  2 other children – Bianca N in Y6 and  George C in Y2. You have made it onto the top 100 WORLD leaderboard this week (Top 40 on the UK leaderboard). That is a fantastic effort  – there are hundreds of thousands of Skoolbo users – just like you – and you are leading the way!

A question…

What I really want to know is: Is this having an impact in the classroom? If you use Skoolbo (which is most of you) – Do you feel like you’re that little bit sharper in maths? Are some of those words slightly easier to read? How is it helping you?

Parents – what do you think? Is it having an impact on your child’s learning? Do let me know.

A final thought…

I love Skoolbo – but do make sure you take regular screen breaks, don’t stay up too late playing it, keep reading normal books too and get out into the fresh air to play. It’s all about balance. Good job Maple Cross.


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Skoolbo Relaunch!

In celebration assembly today, we will be relaunching Skoolbo. Skoolbo is a brilliant, free to use, learning platform that assesses your child as they play so that the number/word games they play are set at the right level of challenge. Best of all – it’s great fun.

The childrens login and username should have been stuck in their reading records or home learning booklets today (Friday 30th). Please ask your childs teacher if this hasn’t happened.

You can play online here:  but we would advise downloading the app from the Skoolbo website:

Nursery children will be getting involved too – next week!

Have fun learning! Can you make the leaderboard?

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Skoolbo update

Wow! What a fantastic response. We launched Skoolbo a little over a week ago and as a school, you have answered over 55,000 questions correctly! Each week, Skoolbo displays a weekly ranking of school, class and individual performances. By the end of last week, Year 3 were the 6th highest performing class in the UK, and Maple Cross JMI was the 7th highest performing school. Moreover, when the new week started, there was a period when Lawrence in year 3 was in the top 10, not in the UK, but the whole world! As I said before, WOW!

More and more children are going onto Skoolbo now and whilst this is improving our points total, it’s also loads of fun AND we are learning. In my assembly today I asked you all for some feedback about Skoolbo. I had lots of great comments about it being fun, and how you liked playing against your friends etc, but one comment really stood out; Shannon in year 5 said, “I like Skoolbo because its helped me to learn my times tables and now i’m in the Gold Gang!” (Gold Gang is one of our highest times table proficiency levels). This was music to my ears.

So, we’ve made a great start – but now we must all work hard to make sure we keep it up. It’s easy to start something, but not so easy to keep it going. I’ve got a few ideas, but i’d like to hear your thoughts about how we can keep the interest level up.

One little thing, a few of you have struggled to sign in. Make sure you sign in using , the .com skoolbo address will not work for us. If you keep having problems, let me know.

Well done on a great start, now lets keep it going.

Mr Flint

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