Maths learning in Reception

Outside today in our Independent Learning Time, children were comparing and sorting different leaves.  They looked closely at the shape and colour of the leaves and sorted the types into different buckets.

In our adult guided maths learning, we were learning to spot patterns of dots.  Children were able to subitise (just know the number without counting) the amount of dots that they could see in their play dough.  Everyone looked after their own personal play dough to make sure we are safe.

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Year 3 – Chrome Books

There has been excitement in the Year 3 classroom this morning, as the children were given their logins for the Chrome books. After having a short demonstration from year 6 a few weeks ago, Year 3 can’t wait to start using them to support their learning. First stop – making a table using Google Sheets for their science investigation observations!

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Three Decimal Places…

Year 5 were presented with a joke and a code. To work out the answer to the joke, they had to crack the code. This involved some complex ordering of numbers with up to three decimal places and the careful positioning of them on number lines. We tried different methods for ordering numbers and the children then used which one they found the most useful. They were extremely resilient with some returning again and again to questions to get the positioning on the number line as accurate as possible.

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Year 2 – 1/4, 1/2 and 3/4 turns . . . . clock time!

This week, Year 2 are learning to understand all the details on a clock face in preparation for some challenging time problems later in the week. Today they have been turning in 1/4, 2/4 (1/2) and 3/4 turns and always starting at 12.

The pupils have been creating clocks on the playground and applying their fractions knowledge. They have also been describing the details of what they notice when clock hands are at different points.

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