Y2: exploring Place Value

Year 2 have been spending time exploring how Place Value can be represented in different ways. We’ve also been finding useful & creative ways of using our maths resources to help us learn. I asked, “what’s the same and what’s different, on the hundred square and multiplication square?” Any ideas?

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Real Maths: Did Wickes ‘Do it Right?’

On Friday, y5 had the huge task of calculating how many decking boards we needed to purchase for our ‘Courtyard Garden’ project. Even though the maths was very complicated, most of us got to grips with at least with one aspect of the maths.

Over the weekend, I double-checked our maths and ordered the decking. However, you’ll see from the image below that my maths doesn’t agree with Wickes’!


In ‘Word Problem’ language, the question might sound like this:

Mr Flint orders 20x 1.8m decking boards @ £3.49 each and 16x 2.4m decking boards @ £4.49 each. The decking boards are on a ‘Buy 4 get 1 free’ offer. Mr Flint calculates that this will cost £136.23 (£106.23 + £30 delivery). Wickes calculate that the total price is £140.23. Which is the correct price?


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We are all TEACHERS!

We are all learners and we can ALL be teachers! Year 2 have been busy designing and making their own booklets aimed at teaching younger children all about shape!

Year 2 children were all able to lead their own learning by generating ideas and making choices about both what to teach and how to teach it.

We were kindly invited to visit younger children in Reception class and Year 2 enjoyed the opportunity to teach others using all of their shape knowledge. We were so impressed by the listening skills shown by the nursery children and they made us feel so welcome.

Come and visit our maths board to find out more!


What would you like to teach others about shape?

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What helps you to learn your number facts?

Today, Years 2 and 3 had the opportunity to share maths learning games. Year 2 children had designed their own games to support them with learning important number facts. Year 3 children enjoyed the opportunity to share some of their favoured games from class and all children were able to give positive and constructive feedback. It was wonderful to witness the children leading their own learning and valuing the opportunity to interact with other classes.

Which games really help you with your maths skills?


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Year 4 – Active Maths

This morning in Year 4, we showed how we value our learning during active maths. We were practicing counting in different multiples and from different starting numbers. We were counting as we were hitting, throwing, catching and skipping. Mrs Francis was impressed with our multitasking!

Year 4, what was the trickiest multiple you counted in?

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KS2 General Election Results…

After carefully considering each parties manifestos in class, years 3,4,5,6 and some staff have exercised their democratic right to vote  in our Maple Cross JMI General Election. Here are the results:


It will be interesting to see how this compares to the actual result.

If the votes for Liberal Democrats and SNP were combined, can anyone calculate what percentage of the vote they recieved?

How many more votes did the Conservative Party get compared to UKIP?

What mathematical questions can you create based on our results?



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Y5 Geometry: The new £1 coin

As you know, year 5, I love it when news stories tie in with our learning in class. This is the new , 12 sided, pound coin that comes into circulation (will start being used) on 28th March 2017. I found this website, which is very interesting but it doesn’t tell me anything about the geometry of the coin, aside from it having 12 sides.

Thinking about what we’ve been learning in maths, what additional information could we find out or calculate about this coin?

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