MX Explorers – Who sawdust?

Things we noticed:

  • A fine white dust comes out of the stick when we cut it with the saw.
  • When we rub sandpaper on our sticks it makes the wood more smooth (and the colour seems to change)
  • The blade of the saw and the cut end of the stick got warmer after we had cut it, but quickly cooled down.
  • The drill cut through the stick slowly, but went through the grass quickly.

Can anyone use their knowledge to help us understand what we noticed?

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Maple Cross Explorers – What is a home?

Today group 4 investigated a range of different homes. As a team they discussed their plans and set about building their own den.

I was blown away by the collaboration and resilience in group 4. Three children spent over ten minutes working together to snap a tree branch to the right length. No matter how difficult the physical challenge or the mental strength needed, they refused to give up. Other children supported different elements of the build – some collected sticks, some positioned and some climbed high to arrange the roof. All the children contributed equally as part of a team.

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Maple Cross Explorers – Den building

This week group 1 and 5 worked collaboratively to create a new den. After reading the book Home by Carson Ellis we were inspired to build a shelter that would offer both practical and aesthetic appeal. The real challenge was making it strong enough to hold me!

I was blown away with the team work and sharing of ideas. All the children offered ideas and supported each other with the build.

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