Rod Rhys-Jones Visits Maple Cross

This week, a real life Antarctic explorer came to visit our Year 3 and 4 children.

It was an incredible experience to learn about this unique environment from someone who has lived and breathed it. We enjoyed experiencing a range of photographs, stories and artifacts to add to our knowledge and understanding of this magical continent.

Come and ask us what we learnt!

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Nothing could dampen our spirit!

Year 1 had a fantastic time on their trip to the Ruislip Lido. We wanted to explore the weather and we certainly got to…Bright sunshine, grey skies and then strong down pours of heavy rain. However, nothing could dampen our spirits! We enjoyed exploring summer activities in the differing weather conditions instead: riding the steam train, playing on the beach, having a picnic and even enjoying the treat of an ice cream. A beautiful day in the beautiful British weather!

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Jam tart shopping list


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This week Year 1 have been reading a non- fiction book called ‘Jam tarts’. It explains how to go on a shopping trip and buy different food items. Year 1 loved reading about the trip and decided that they would like to go on a trip to the shops themselves. This morning they have been working collaboratively to create a shopping list of the ingredients needed to make Jam tarts. They numbered each item and used their sound mats and Fred talk to sound out. Some children even managed to spell their red words correctly! They are very excited to bring their shopping lists with them after break and can’t wait to work out the money they need to spend 😊

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Take a moment…

Here are some views from our playground  that literally made me stop in my tracks.

The ones with the lines going across the sky were taken at about 7.45am this morning. If you look carefully, you can still see the moon.

The other photo was taken at about 4.30pm from virtually the same position.

What is similar about the photos? How do they differ? What questions come into you head?

When was the last time you just took a moment for yourself and just thought, ‘wow’.

(update – I just added one taken at around 5.30pm a few days later – what do you think?)

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