Carol Singing at Tesco, Rickmansworth

img_2740Thank you to all the children, parents, grandparents, carers and staff that came down to Rickmansworth Tesco on Friday after school to sing some Christmas songs and carols, or to offer their support. We were in fine voice!

We collected some money for the PTA while we were there (anyone from the PTA know how much?), but more importantly a good time was had by all. (And we reminded the good folk of Rickmansworth what a fantastic community we have up at Maple Cross!)

Well done all.

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Y5/6: Learning local history from the community.

Last Thursday, Years 5 and 6 were incredibly lucky to receive a visit from Mr Dumbleton. Mr Dumbleton was a young boy, who lived in Maple Cross, at the outbreak of World War 2 in 1939. He brought in lots of ephemera that he collected at the time (and some since) including the tail fin of an oil bomb that landed near where the school used to be; some shrapnel from a land mine that landed near where the school gates are now but ended up in Mr Dumbletons bedroom, hundreds of metres away and other wartime paraphernalia.

The children were enthralled by his stories and asked some excellent questions.

What did you enjoy hearing about? What would you like to know more about?

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FGB meeting July 2016

Pupil progressAnother interesting and useful meeting of the Full Governing Board was held this evening. As always, thanks to the governors for their involvement, discussion and enthusiasm. Key points in the meeting included:



  • recieving and discussion of the termly head teachers report
  • discussion of the exciting possibilities within the budget
  • discussion of the superb progression and development of the EYFS
  • discussion of Mrs Trickett’s exciting MEd project around learning environments.

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Resourcing & Personal Governor Meeting

Tonight the Governors from our R&P committee met to discuss a range of school topics. Below is a summery of what was discussed.

  • Staffing for September
  • Reviewed the budget and future financial plans
  • Termly health and safety reports including recent fire drill
  • Review and approval of reports and policies; Charging and Remission Policy and Debt Recovery Policy
  • Review of pupil premium and sports premium
  • Safeguarding update

Great to discuss our on going school development.

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World Book Night

In the UK 36% of people don’t regularly read (DCMS, 2015) and this is something we want to change!

World Book Night brings together a powerful collaboration of national partners – publishers, printers, distributors, libraries, booksellers, private donors, trusts and foundations – to inspire more people to read. Thousands of volunteers share their love of reading by giving out books to people in their communities.

Look out for the free books after school on Friday.


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Rickmansworth Instrumental Music Festival

It was a privilege to watch the incredible developing talents of some of our Year 4, 5 and 6 musicians on Tuesday night. We are very lucky to be part of such a proactive group of 11 local primary schools who recognise the benefits of a musical education. Special thanks go to Mr Duncan Gauld, headteacher of Christchurch, for coordinating the event; Mr Fisher, our outstanding brass band and ‘Band-Time’ Leader; Mr Flint, out dedicated Music Coordinator, for ensuring that Maple Cross children were, once again, able to show off some of what Maple Cross JMI and Nursery school has to offer; and, most importantly, the musicians of Maple Cross: we are all very lucky to be part of such a talented community!

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Y5/6: Trip to the RMS Planetarium

Years 5 & 6 were fortunate enough to visit the Planetarium at the Royal Masonic School this week.  The children were able to have a guided tour of our solar system and had various constellations pointed out to them. Y5/6, can you remember any of the specific constellations or significant stars that we were shown?

While one group were in the planetarium, the other group made ‘planispheres’; a useful little device for being able to see where the constellations are at particular times of the year.

Thank you so much to Ms Timoney and Ms Black at the Royal Masonic School for organising this fantastic activity.

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One of our groups missed out on seeing the recording of  the Tim Peake ‘live interview’. You can watch the video in full below. If you are short on time and want to just see the part where the children at the Royal Masonic School ask Tim Peake their questions, skip forward to approx 51 minutes.

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Dipping Pond developments…Thames Water…


A huge thank you to Thames Water (just across the road!) for their support of the school. Plans for the outdoor dipping pool are developing and this week we welcomed the Thames Water team Gary (contractor), Nicky (parent Mrs McHugh) Kieron (contractor), Cathy (Thames Water volunteering) and Paul (The boss!) to discuss the planned installation. I am pleased to announce that this may well happen in the next few weeks so we will keep you updated. It is always positive to see local businesses working to help support their local school and community. Thank you!

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