Julius Caesar

Rehearsals in Year 5 are well under way. The class have been incredibly creative with their ideas and have taken risks to try new things and suggest ideas. They’re finding learning the lines quite hard. What could help them to learn their lines?

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Stig of the Dump

Year 5 have done a very impressive job of picking up on their learning from the end of Year 4. We acted out our stories to remind us of our learning and then took time and care over the drafting and editing process. We have finally written our version of what happens next in Stig of the Dump and they are ready to be posted to the original author. I wonder what he will think of our versions…


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Y5 ‘Pond Project’ – Outstanding tasks

We are nearing the end of our project now, but there is still lots to do. We will talk through the remaining tasks (below), then it will be up to you to decide what order you want/need to complete them in.

  1. Make sure your Thank you/invitation letters from last week  have your name and a date in the header. When this is done, spend some time editing and checking against your targets, then print out (to the PPA printer).
  2. Update your income/outgoings spreadsheet using information on the working wall.
  3. We need to ensure that we think carefully about where to position our plants. Use this website to find out key information such as whether a plant that we have is an ‘annual, perrenial or evergreen’ plant (what does that mean?); how much sun/shade it needs; how tall it grows and how much it spreads. Present this information how you wish, but ensure it is clear.
  4. Update your journal with todays learning – perhaps you could include a pencil drawing of one of the plants?
  5. Research water features uing this website or this one. How will you know what budget you have available?
  6. Create a planting plan. How will you know where to position the plants?

There will also be some work/learning to do in the garden – crews will be rotated throughout the morning.

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Real Maths: Did Wickes ‘Do it Right?’

On Friday, y5 had the huge task of calculating how many decking boards we needed to purchase for our ‘Courtyard Garden’ project. Even though the maths was very complicated, most of us got to grips with at least with one aspect of the maths.

Over the weekend, I double-checked our maths and ordered the decking. However, you’ll see from the image below that my maths doesn’t agree with Wickes’!


In ‘Word Problem’ language, the question might sound like this:

Mr Flint orders 20x 1.8m decking boards @ £3.49 each and 16x 2.4m decking boards @ £4.49 each. The decking boards are on a ‘Buy 4 get 1 free’ offer. Mr Flint calculates that this will cost £136.23 (£106.23 + £30 delivery). Wickes calculate that the total price is £140.23. Which is the correct price?


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Y5: Lego for sale on eBay! (Fundraising for pond)

(The following text was dictated to me by year 5!)

We are selling lego set 10659 on eBay to raise money for the pond project. Full details can be found on our eBay listing. If you or anyone that you know likes Lego – please bid generously to help us raise even more £££ for us to buy more equipment/plants for the pond area.

We have already raised £146.95 (thank you for supoorting our cake sale and Summer Fair toy stall) and have had some paint and plants donated from local businesses.

Can you help us get to our £200 target? You can view (and hopefully bid on) our eBay listing here.

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Y3 and Y5 ICT

Today Y5 came into Y3 as ICT experts to show us how to use the explain everything app which links to our class project of fire safety. Y5 used everything they know about communicating clearly when explaining, to help the Y3 children use the app.

Year 3, what was your favourite feature you learnt to you on the app?


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Montell Douglas Visit & Assembly

Who inspires you? Sports people? Athletes? Olympians? Former GB 100m record holders? Well, you’re in luck!

Montell Douglas is all of those things and she’s coming to Maple Cross JMI tomorrow to inspire, motivate and mentor us. She’ll be doing a special assembly at 1.15pm (parents, if you’re free, you’d be more than welcome) where i’m sure she’ll tell us more about her journey and how she can help us.

Do you think Montell uses the same learning attributes as us, to help her? I can’t wait to find out.


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