DT day in Year 5

Children in Year 5 experimented and explored pop-up books.

With an audience in mind (Year 1), we started to brainstorm ideas of books our audience might enjoy reading. With a design and a clear structure ready, we began to make the characters/objects and the mechanisms of each page.

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Art Day in Year 5

From altering street art created by ‘Banksy’ in the light of the British Values to creating symmetrical, abstract forms to generating messages using purely visual symbols to recreating a piece of art from the First World War into a freezing frame to developing ideas for 3D work through sketching having Magdalene Odundo as inspiration. What a great day! Well done to all of you, Year 5. You should be really proud of everything you have achieved today!

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Forest School

The key worker children had an amazing opportunity to join forest school for the afternoon. They showed a real sense of school community as they worked together to build a natural fence. Each bubble had their own slot to forage for sticks and layer them one on top of the other. They showed great skills by weaving the sticks together to build up the fence. They showed amazing teamwork and have created a strong, sturdy fence on the border of forest school. Well done everyone.
It’s the end of a different half term and how best to end it but with a campfire! The children sat around a campfire in their bubbles, toasting Marshmallows and sipping hot chocolates. You could here a pin drop when Mrs Bone was telling them the traditional story ‘the boy who cried wolf’!

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Google video 1 – Logging into your account

It’s really exciting to see more children accessing their learning through Google Classroom. However, we know that new things (especially technology!) can be daunting so i’ve put together some videos to guide you through the basics. As a well known song says, ‘let’s start at the very beginning’!

Logging into your Google account

Next video: Overview of apps including Google Classroom.

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