Collaborative Learning – The Bee Bots with Nursery and Year 5

This morning Nursery were challenged to operate the Bee Bot machines. Through carefully questioning from Year 5 the children experimented with different controls and watched to see what happened!

Nursery explained to how the Bee Bots move;

“press the buttons”

“press GO!”

“make the wheels move”

Many thanks to your 5 for your support. Year 5 what surprised you this morning? What challenged you? Why?

How could we challenge Nursery next?

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Au Revoir, Mr Cook…

On Friday, we said farewell to Mr Cook after 10 years service at our school. As was evident in assembly, we will all miss him very much (and i’m sure he’ll miss us too).

Mr Cook, in his own inimitable way, inspired and supported children and adults alike – sure, we’re gutted that he’s left, but I think we’re all better people for knowing, working with, and learning with him.

The great news is that he’s not going far away – and we wish him all the best in his new role at the Reach Free School.

Mr Cook wasn’t sure whether he’d have time to post anything on the blog (he’s at PGL this week), so asked me to say a HUGE thank you on his behalf, to everyone, for his leaving gifts.

Au Revoir, Mr Cook! (more…)

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Y5: Rounding Rap

Y5 were introduced to the ‘Rounding Rap’ today. The first version is most useful, from a learning point of view…

…but, you all enjoyed this version too – good for a laugh, and for the actions!

Is this an effective way of learning, year 5? maybe we should write our own rap to help us remember other rules?

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Y5: Shocking Scenes!

Warning. The images below are of a very upsetting nature. They show disturbing scenes of ‘neglect and abandonment’ (Year 5’s words). Anyone offended by what they see should go immediately to a member of year 5 and demand to know what can be done to stop harrowing images like this appearing in our school. Click ‘Read More’, if you dare… (more…)

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Y1 & Y5 Joint Learning: Speaking & Listening

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Y5 have shown a huge amount of focus this week as they prepared to read their ‘Tinga Tinga Tales’ stories to Y1. Year 5 – you have achieved a huge amount over the last 8 days. You have:

  • Written and redrafted a story in literacy based on our learning about adaptation in science.
  • Created a ‘before and after adaptation’ piece of art.
  • Manipulated a scanned image of your art – cropping it, resizing it and super-imposing it on a background in computing. You then laid text over the top of your newly created image.
  • You then rehearsed performing your story to eachother and listened to eachothers constructive criticism.
  • Then we read our stories to Y1 and helped them in their learning by asking them to predict what might happen next and asking them to identify beginning, middle and end.
  • Some of you took huge risks and read your stories out in front of whole class, and even the whole school (many of you wanted to – but there wasn’t enough time!)

Year 1, you were superb and tried really hard to listen to the stories and answer the questions put to you by year 5. Well done you! Did you enjoy year 5 visiting your class? How did you feel about answering all their questions?

Year 5 – how do you feel now we have completed our mini-project? What challenged you the most?


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Marathon Kids at Maple Cross

Well done to everyone for keeping a PMA with their daily run. I’ll be honest, I found it really hard work at first but now i’m finding it much easier. Mr Cook and Ms Short have been telling the people at ‘Marathon Kids’ all about it and it’s fair to say that they are very impressed! They wrote about us in their newsletter, which you can view here.

What’s your experience of our daily run? Do you feel fitter? Do you think it might be helping you in the classroom too?

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Y5: Sharing our home learning

Year 5 had a choice of home learning this Easter holidays. The range of learning is fantastic; many of you really took your time over it and found inventive ways to to present what you learnt. We’ll be using elements over the Summer Term.

Year 5, when we shared our learning earlier today, what did you particularly enjoy?

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How do Y5 feel, when they’re at school?

Year 5 thought about the range of emotions they experience at school and how to/how not to react to them. I can identify with most of them and loved the empathy demonstrated. Some comments, however, actually made me feel quite sad; they were more negative than I thought they would be.

I really value the honesty shown in some of these thoughts – We can all learn from them.

(We made these using the ‘Explain Everything’ app on the iPads.)

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