Proms in the Playground

Year 4 spent their Monday afternoon putting on a brass performance! They were one of the first groups of children to participate in ‘Proms in the playground’. They really got to show off everything they have been learning throughout their brass time in year 4. 

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Year 4 DT Day

Today Year 4 have had their third DT day. We focussed on textiles today – particularly looking at fastenings. We analysed fastenings and decided what we liked about them. Then we designed our own book sleeve to meet a specific design criteria. We made a paper version to ensure we got our sizes correct and then we began with fabric.

Year 4 learned that sewing isn’t the easiest, but they persevered and all of them ended the day with a beautifully sewn book sleeve capable of holding their book and reading record. Well done!

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Year 4 DT day – recipes

Today was DT day! Year 4 were focussing on developing a recipe for biscuits, but on a strict budget of £1.99 or less.

We made the biscuits first. We tasted biscuits and decided what we liked about them and used these to develop our own.

We used prices for each item to establish the total cost of production. Then, we created a box as packaging and decorated our biscuits to suit our target audience.


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Geography – Rainforests

In year four this afternoon, we have began our rainforest topic. We had to remind ourselves of the 7 continents and 5 oceans before we could begin to understand where we can find a rainforest. Once we knew where to find them, we began to look into the two biggest rainforests in the world – The Amazon and The Congo.

The children had to use books and chrome books to work together to find information about their given rainforest. At the end of the session, the children had to explain what a rainforest is and where we can find them. The collaborative learning they did was amazing and they were so engaged.

Ask the children if they can tell you an interesting fact about the amazon or the congo!

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Year 4 handwriting

We have really been focussing on handwriting in year 4. We have made sure our paper is at the right angle before we write, learned two families of letters and have been trying to improve it across all subjects. Here is an example of the improvements we have seen after only 1 week. No joining up to lovely joined up writing!

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Year 4 Art Day

What an amazing first week back for year 4, finished off with a whole day of art!

We started the day with making optical illusions. The children were shocked at how, if they changed their angle, the image changed. The outcome of these were great.

We then moved onto ‘willow patterns’ where the children focussed on a story of their choice. They thought about the key features of their story before planning how these would look onto their plates. They also focussed on how they could change the colour of the blue ink that they were painting with. We established that with just the use of water, we could make the painting look different.

This afternoon, we sculpted sea shapes into soap. This was a difficult task, but with great care and focus from the children, they produced some amazing final soap sculptures! Lots of fish and seashells.

To finish off our lovely art day, we did some still life drawing which the children then coloured using oil pastels.

The children then began to reflect on their day, deciding what they were the most proud of and why. There were lots of pieces of art to be proud of today!

They had such a nice time doing all the different types of skills in Art. What a great way to end our first week back!

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Forest School

The key worker children had an amazing opportunity to join forest school for the afternoon. They showed a real sense of school community as they worked together to build a natural fence. Each bubble had their own slot to forage for sticks and layer them one on top of the other. They showed great skills by weaving the sticks together to build up the fence. They showed amazing teamwork and have created a strong, sturdy fence on the border of forest school. Well done everyone.
It’s the end of a different half term and how best to end it but with a campfire! The children sat around a campfire in their bubbles, toasting Marshmallows and sipping hot chocolates. You could here a pin drop when Mrs Bone was telling them the traditional story ‘the boy who cried wolf’!

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