The Smallest Theatre in the World

Today, in Literacy, Year 4 explored Stig of the Dump using ‘The Smallest Theatre in the World’. They all directed one actor exploring the feelings, actions and reactions of the character. They were incredibly engaged and it was amazing to hear such varied suggestions and to hear some children linking these effectively to the text we had been reading


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Year 4 – Active Maths

This morning in Year 4, we showed how we value our learning during active maths. We were practicing counting in different multiples and from different starting numbers. We were counting as we were hitting, throwing, catching and skipping. Mrs Francis was impressed with our multitasking!

Year 4, what was the trickiest multiple you counted in?

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Montell Douglas Visit & Assembly

Who inspires you? Sports people? Athletes? Olympians? Former GB 100m record holders? Well, you’re in luck!

Montell Douglas is all of those things and she’s coming to Maple Cross JMI tomorrow to inspire, motivate and mentor us. She’ll be doing a special assembly at 1.15pm (parents, if you’re free, you’d be more than welcome) where i’m sure she’ll tell us more about her journey and how she can help us.

Do you think Montell uses the same learning attributes as us, to help her? I can’t wait to find out.


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Stig of the Dump

To start their exploration of Stig of the Dump, Year 4 identified all the clues about the setting in the first two pages of the text. They then used these to make their own chalk pits. They were brilliant at hunting through the text for clues about the setting and coming up with ideas for the resources they could use. They then used this learning to start writing sentences which evoked the atmosphere of the pit. Some of the language they have used is incredible. Each group has something to be really proud of. I have picked just a few to share.

“The sticks, jagged and splintered, grabbed hold of the crumbly earth tightly.” Rihanna

“Bit by bit, the litter, abandoned and worthless, cracked while the jagged fence crumbled up.” Matthew and Francie

“The creeper, withered and aged, furiously, whistled like a hawk.” Orla and Andrei

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Year 4: Sound

Today we read some information about the ear, to provoke us to ask questions to further our learning. Luckily, we had our resident ear expert, who was very keen to answer some of our questions. William did a brilliant job as a teacher and we listened to him respectfully. We look forward to finding out more about sound next week, by planning our own scientific experiments!

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Pirate’s Gold

In Maths, Year 4 had to carry out accurate additions in order to win as much pirate treasure as possible. They were brilliant at estimating their answer to ensure they were correct and nearly emptied the treasure pot! They showed enormous focus on their learning.

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