Year 4 Art Day

What an amazing first week back for year 4, finished off with a whole day of art!

We started the day with making optical illusions. The children were shocked at how, if they changed their angle, the image changed. The outcome of these were great.

We then moved onto ‘willow patterns’ where the children focussed on a story of their choice. They thought about the key features of their story before planning how these would look onto their plates. They also focussed on how they could change the colour of the blue ink that they were painting with. We established that with just the use of water, we could make the painting look different.

This afternoon, we sculpted sea shapes into soap. This was a difficult task, but with great care and focus from the children, they produced some amazing final soap sculptures! Lots of fish and seashells.

To finish off our lovely art day, we did some still life drawing which the children then coloured using oil pastels.

The children then began to reflect on their day, deciding what they were the most proud of and why. There were lots of pieces of art to be proud of today!

They had such a nice time doing all the different types of skills in Art. What a great way to end our first week back!

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Forest School

The key worker children had an amazing opportunity to join forest school for the afternoon. They showed a real sense of school community as they worked together to build a natural fence. Each bubble had their own slot to forage for sticks and layer them one on top of the other. They showed great skills by weaving the sticks together to build up the fence. They showed amazing teamwork and have created a strong, sturdy fence on the border of forest school. Well done everyone.
It’s the end of a different half term and how best to end it but with a campfire! The children sat around a campfire in their bubbles, toasting Marshmallows and sipping hot chocolates. You could here a pin drop when Mrs Bone was telling them the traditional story ‘the boy who cried wolf’!

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Skip2Bfit – year 4

Today, year 4 took part in a skipping workshop run by Skip2Bfit. David taught them how to properly hold the skipping rope, correctly position their arms and how to record their jumps. They had a first try, checked their personal best and then worked even harder to try and beat it. Even the teachers had a go! There were some keen skippers in Year 4 and they are very excited to keep beating their personal best.

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Google video 2 – Exploring your Google G-Suite account

This is the 2nd video that gives you a very brief introduction to the features on your child’s Google account. If you are having issues logging in, here is a link to my first video.

This video aims to show you how to navigate around your Google account, highlighting apps that I think will be most useful to you. Have a go!

I’m aware that on an ipad it will look slightly different, and you will need to download the apps for Google Drive, Google Classroom, Google Docs etc – it should all work in much the same way though.

A quick tour of your Google account

Next video: Using Google Classroom.

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Google video 1 – Logging into your account

It’s really exciting to see more children accessing their learning through Google Classroom. However, we know that new things (especially technology!) can be daunting so i’ve put together some videos to guide you through the basics. As a well known song says, ‘let’s start at the very beginning’!

Logging into your Google account

Next video: Overview of apps including Google Classroom.

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