Outdoor Science Day – Year 2

This morning, Year 2 have spent the morning exploring plants for our outdoor science day. We begun with revisiting the skills we need as Scientists and we looked back at previous learning about Jane Caulden, a botanist. After spending time using our white hats to share all the facts we knew, we looked at the parts of the plant and the jobs each part had. We used our outdoor area to record what we had found.

We continued after break to explore the plants outdoors. We used 3 out of 5 senses to explore this and the children showed great leadership by being positive communicators when leading their groups.

We ended the morning making recycled planters. We discussed the importance of using recycled materials. The children were amazed at how small the Oregano seeds were. We look forward to seeing them grow over the next few weeks.

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Year 2 – Who am I as a learner?

Today, Year 2 have been taking time to reflect on themselves as learners. We discussed how each and every learner is different and the importance of being honest with yourself. We explored different learning statements through whole class discussion and peer sharing opportunities. The children have now started to identify their strengths using their own target boards. We will return to these many times over the next two weeks as part of our ongoing learning reflections.

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Year 2 – DT Day

Food, A Balanced Diet, was our DT day topic in Year 2. The children were given the task of designing, making and evaluating a healthy snack. Prior to designing, the children explored how sugar was made made and were shocked at the amount of hidden sugars in fruit juices and fizzy drinks.

Year 2 explored the 5 food groups and ensured when designing they had a healthy balance, using cranberry sauce as a treat!

When making their wraps, the children learnt the bridge and claw cutting method to cut their vegetables.

Once made, the children evaluated their wraps, for smell, appearance and taste and thought about what they would change when making a wrap next time.

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Art Day Year 2

Year 2 have been busy learning skills linked to drawing, weaving and painting!

We have learnt to look for shapes hidden in objects to help us draw with accuracy and have learnt how to create patterns using folding, cutting and weaving techniques. We have also explored ways to create continuous lines with paint by loading our paint brushes correctly. There has been a real celebration of creativity!

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Forest School

The key worker children had an amazing opportunity to join forest school for the afternoon. They showed a real sense of school community as they worked together to build a natural fence. Each bubble had their own slot to forage for sticks and layer them one on top of the other. They showed great skills by weaving the sticks together to build up the fence. They showed amazing teamwork and have created a strong, sturdy fence on the border of forest school. Well done everyone.
It’s the end of a different half term and how best to end it but with a campfire! The children sat around a campfire in their bubbles, toasting Marshmallows and sipping hot chocolates. You could here a pin drop when Mrs Bone was telling them the traditional story ‘the boy who cried wolf’!

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Google video 2 – Exploring your Google G-Suite account

This is the 2nd video that gives you a very brief introduction to the features on your child’s Google account. If you are having issues logging in, here is a link to my first video.

This video aims to show you how to navigate around your Google account, highlighting apps that I think will be most useful to you. Have a go!

I’m aware that on an ipad it will look slightly different, and you will need to download the apps for Google Drive, Google Classroom, Google Docs etc – it should all work in much the same way though.

A quick tour of your Google account

Next video: Using Google Classroom.

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Google video 1 – Logging into your account

It’s really exciting to see more children accessing their learning through Google Classroom. However, we know that new things (especially technology!) can be daunting so i’ve put together some videos to guide you through the basics. As a well known song says, ‘let’s start at the very beginning’!

Logging into your Google account

Next video: Overview of apps including Google Classroom.

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