KS1: The Easter Story

jesus empty tomb clip art image search results ClipArt Best KS1 will be learning about Easter this week. A simple Google image search just using the word ‘Easter’ will tell you that the true meaning of this, arguably the most important Christian celebration, seems to be being obscured by fluffy chicks and chocolate eggs. Whatever your religion, or even if you don’t have a religion, it’s important to respect the beliefs of other people by taking the time to learn about them.

We will be using these resources amongst others this week.

Full Easter Story      Easter Story – BBC Bitesize      Easter Story – CBeebies

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KS1 Assembly: Learning can be discombobulating!

In our KS1 assembly today we carried on thinking about what effective learners do. We looked at the word ‘discombobulate’. At first, we weren’t sure how to say it so we had to look at it more carefully. Then, we segmented the word – breaking it up into syllables. After that, we practised saying the word.

Then we hit a problem…

Mehdi asked, ‘what does it mean?’. So, I put into a sentence:

“I found maths really challenging today. It was really discombobulating!”

Putting the word into a context helped us understand what it meant. Finally we proved that we understood the word by putting it into our own sentences.

So according to this activity good learners: look carefully, break down problems into smaller parts, practised, asked questions, added context (other relevant details) and then proved their learning by trying it out themselves.

Do you agree that this is what a good learner does? Is there anything else that should be added? Let me know.

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World Book Day 2018

Thank you for a lovely World Book Day in the snow, Maple Cross. It has been a pleasure to see so much learning linked to reading today and our whole school story telling of The Three Little Pigs was a real highlight. Thank you to our visitors who came to read stories this afternoon. It was really special to share our love of books and reading with our wider Maple Cross community. Our library ambassadors from Year 6 did a fantastic job promoting a passion and curiosity for reading by first sharing story clues and then revealing the new book to each class in the school. A wonderful reading opportunity!

There are still books to be won as part of our special World Book Day raffle! Come and play tomorrow! Will you guess which books have been chosen by the teachers?

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KS1 Science: Food Chains & Habitats

Food Chains

KS1 will be extending their learning about habitats and food chains this half term. BBC Bitesize have put these excellent resources together to help us learn about those habitats that are a little further away. Which habitats below could we easily  explore for ourselves?

We’ll be using these resources over the next few weeks – feel free to look at them at home too. Read on…


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Jammy Robots

Today in literacy, Year 1 used their knowledge of ‘bossy’ (imperative) verbs and time conjunctions to write instructions collaboratively. They instructed Miss Crowley step-by-step to make a yummy jam sandwich!

Once they had their instructions, they then went off in partners to follow them and create their own jam sandwich to share- delicious!

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The Magic Bojabi Tree

Today group 2 read the story of The Magic Bojabi Tree and added to the snake coiled around the tree created by other groups. They recognised the colours of the snake in the illustrations and set about looking for these colours in the school grounds.

They worked together by helping each other look for colours. At the end of our time we all PAUSED. We pressed the pause button to slow our brains down. We had been thinking so much we needed to stop and notice our learning.

The children reflected on what had been the most challenging parts of the learning and began to give reasons why.

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KS1 Science Trip to ZSL Whipsnade.

What a fantastic time KS1 had at ZSL Whipsnade on Friday. We learn’t so much and can’t wait to apply that learning in the classroom. The children were in small groups which mean’t they were able to decide which animals they went to see. I saw lots of groups being democratic when choosing where to go next!

We also had a session with staff from ZSL Whipsnade where the children learn’t more about classifying animals and even got to touch a snake!

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