Nothing could dampen our spirit!

Year 1 had a fantastic time on their trip to the Ruislip Lido. We wanted to explore the weather and we certainly got to…Bright sunshine, grey skies and then strong down pours of heavy rain. However, nothing could dampen our spirits! We enjoyed exploring summer activities in the differing weather conditions instead: riding the steam train, playing on the beach, having a picnic and even enjoying the treat of an ice cream. A beautiful day in the beautiful British weather!

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Which way do I go?

This week Year 1 have been exploring directional language. They have focused on left and right and have now started to explore types of turns. They greatly enjoyed their collaborative outdoor learning on Monday and loved to write their own directional instruction map. If you see any Year 1 students, ask them to show you and explain about their direction hands!

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Maple Cross Explorers

Again we have been fortunate to have a warm, sunny afternoon to explore in.  One group have been using natural materials to make animals masks.  Here are some of the things the children said.

“I’m going to  rip the leaf to make the sharp bit of the ears, I’m going to do the outside first.”

“I’m going to make a bird, oooo that’s an orange leaf, I’m going to use this for the feathers.”

Another group made a picnic for the teddy bears.

“I’ve got stones for the cup cakes and berries and flowers for the salad.”

“We’ve been collecting some leaves and sticks to make the cake.”

“We have been collecting grass, leaves and daisies. Making the teddy bears picnic.”

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Montell Douglas Visit & Assembly

Who inspires you? Sports people? Athletes? Olympians? Former GB 100m record holders? Well, you’re in luck!

Montell Douglas is all of those things and she’s coming to Maple Cross JMI tomorrow to inspire, motivate and mentor us. She’ll be doing a special assembly at 1.15pm (parents, if you’re free, you’d be more than welcome) where i’m sure she’ll tell us more about her journey and how she can help us.

Do you think Montell uses the same learning attributes as us, to help her? I can’t wait to find out.


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New activities for Maple Cross Explorers.

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Today children took part in a new set of activities and each child will take part in a different activity for the next few weeks.  Children were able to explore how beans grow, to create a teddy bears picnic, make animal masks using natural materials, build a raft or become animal detectives.  Have a look at the photos and see which activities you can spot.  What clues do you think we found to help us discover what animals visit our grounds?

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Toy appeal!

As some of you may know, year 5 have taken upon it on themselves to transform the Courtyard Garden (with the raised pond) into a calm, beautiful place to learn and reflect. They aren’t doing this just for themselves, they are doing it for the whole school community.

They have written to some local businesses to ask for help, but, not wanting to rely on this, have decided to raise some money themselves.

Toy Appeal!

Amman and his team had the great idea of selling 2nd hand (used) toys at the Summer Fair. If you have any toys that your child does not want/use anymore – we’d be really grateful if you could donate them to us.

The toys need to be:

  • In working order
  • Complete
  • Clean
  • Undamaged

This Wednesday, Thursday and Friday (before and after school) there will be a toy ‘drop off station’ in the playground, manned by Year 5. We’d be very grateful for your toy/puzzle/game donations – it will go along way to helping us achieve our aim of a beautiful Courtyard Garden.


Garden Fund-Raising Day – Friday 16th June

Year 5 are also planning some fund-raising events on Friday 16th June including: A sponsored fun run, a bake sale and a collection. Look out for more details later this week (they are busy planning them at the moment!)

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Maple Cross Explorers

We had a fabulous afternoon of Maple Cross Explorers today and we all enjoyed being outside in the glorious sunshine.  Today there were some fantastic houses made for The Three Little Pigs.  Children who took part in the activity said

“We’re a team”

“It’s made out of bricks and leaves. It would stay there if the Big Bad Wolf huffed and puffed.”

“We stared with sticks and then we put cardboard on it so it won’t rain on the little pigs and we put a ramp for their bikes.”

“Me and my friends put sticks and we went to the woods and we put cardboard on and we tested it.”

An adult asked “Why are you testing it?”

“To see if it stays or doesn’t stay.”

I would love to know the answer to see if it stayed or didn’t stay and I would love to find out how you tested this.

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Au Revoir, Mr Cook…

On Friday, we said farewell to Mr Cook after 10 years service at our school. As was evident in assembly, we will all miss him very much (and i’m sure he’ll miss us too).

Mr Cook, in his own inimitable way, inspired and supported children and adults alike – sure, we’re gutted that he’s left, but I think we’re all better people for knowing, working with, and learning with him.

The great news is that he’s not going far away – and we wish him all the best in his new role at the Reach Free School.

Mr Cook wasn’t sure whether he’d have time to post anything on the blog (he’s at PGL this week), so asked me to say a HUGE thank you on his behalf, to everyone, for his leaving gifts.

Au Revoir, Mr Cook! (more…)

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