Science learning in Reception

Reception children have taken full advantage of the wet weather to explore materials that may dissolve.  Someone wanted to see whether chalk dissolved and so put the chalk in a puddle. It did not immediately dissolve so we put some icing sugar and then alka seltser in the puddle and watched as it fizzed and bubbled.  The children decided to leave the chalk in a bucket under a stream of water to see if that would help it dissolve.  They are going to check later today to see what has happened.

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Scientists in Reception

Reception were developing their scientific skills of prediction and looking closely today. They predicted what I had in a bag, using the sentence starter “I predict…”

The bag was opened to reveal a box with a birds nest in. The children looked closely at the birds nest and talked about what they could see. Later on they used magnifying glasses to have a closer look at the birds nest.


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