Early Years Quality Standard – GOLD

Today some of our Early Years team traveled to Stevenage to collect our Gold award for the EYQS. This was part of the journey and not the end! It has been two years of hard dedication by the whole team to transform the EYFS into a learning centered environment.

Our consultant described the project as follows . . . . .

A very cohesive and reflective team who work tirelessly to improve the learning opportunities for their children. Over the last two years, they have developed and transformed the EYFS into an inviting and accessible environment that reflects the individual needs and learning of each unique child. Their ‘gold’ project enabled children in the nursery and reception classes to improve the achievement and outcomes for their children. The EY Leader is inspirational in driving forward the Early Years practice and enables all practitioners to be part of a cohesive and dedicated team. Well done to all the team!

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Reception create maps of school

Today Reception created maps of our school to help new children know where to go. We pretended we were birds and flew over school to help us understand what a birds eye view is.

As a class we made a list of all the important areas of school new children might need to know.

We them welcomed Butterflies children and gave them a guided tour of the Nursery classroom.

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Maple Cross Explorers

Again we have been fortunate to have a warm, sunny afternoon to explore in.  One group have been using natural materials to make animals masks.  Here are some of the things the children said.

“I’m going to  rip the leaf to make the sharp bit of the ears, I’m going to do the outside first.”

“I’m going to make a bird, oooo that’s an orange leaf, I’m going to use this for the feathers.”

Another group made a picnic for the teddy bears.

“I’ve got stones for the cup cakes and berries and flowers for the salad.”

“We’ve been collecting some leaves and sticks to make the cake.”

“We have been collecting grass, leaves and daisies. Making the teddy bears picnic.”

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EYFS Welcome workshop

It was great to meet many new (and known) parents/carers this morning/tonight at our EYFS welcome workshop. We aimed to provide more information about what learning in the EYFS looks like and how this can be supported at home. Below are the resources we used today.

If you were unable to attend please make sure you sign up for a home visit and come and speak to us about any questions or queries you may have.

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Reception planting in the pond

Today Reception children were able to plant some plants in the pond. We are hoping that the new plants will help the pond to clear the pond as it is rather green and smelly at the moment.  The children said what they thought the plants looked like and then we carefully carried the plants to the pond.  Some plants were very heavy and so it took more than one person to carry them.   The children remembered that they had to kneel down by the pond so that they do not fall in.  We will keep visiting the pond to see how the plants are growing and if it is becoming clearer. Watch this space!


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New activities for Maple Cross Explorers.

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Today children took part in a new set of activities and each child will take part in a different activity for the next few weeks.  Children were able to explore how beans grow, to create a teddy bears picnic, make animal masks using natural materials, build a raft or become animal detectives.  Have a look at the photos and see which activities you can spot.  What clues do you think we found to help us discover what animals visit our grounds?

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