The Magic Bojabi Tree

Today group 1 explored outside in the icy winds. After reading the book, The Magic Bojabi Tree, they set about creating their own snake coiled around the tree.

After adding to the snake from week 1 the children PAUSED and REFLECTED upon their learning. They noticed that it was difficult to add detail to the snake where there was lots of other items and so it was best to find a new space. They also reflected on the challenge of running about the school ground and trying to carry items. It was suggested that sometimes it is best to walk!


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Explorers, Group 5 – The Magic Bojabi Tree

Today group 5 read the beautiful story of The Magic Bojabi Tree by Piet Grobler and Dianne Hifmeyr. Inspired by the book the children set about creating their own python that was coiled around a tree.

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The children shared their ideas and worked collaboratively to gather lots of different colours from the school grounds to represent the colours of the snake.

When we paused and reflected on our learning thinking about how learning with others helps our own thinking. Rowan told us “it was harder learning” when you talk with others. Skye told us “When I was talking I said to someone can you help.”



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R/KS1 Assembly – What has Tiddler got to do with integrity, honesty and truth?

In our assembly today, we thought about the words integrity, honesty and truth. We discussed a few ideas about what the words might mean but agreed that we need more time to discuss with our classes.

We then read the opening of Tiddler, by Julia Donaldson and considered what these words have to do with the story.

Maybe you can think about some different words that mean the same thing (synonyms) or maybe you could give an example of what this word might look like in the classroom? I look forward to hearing what your class thought about your word.

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Food Bank Donation

Huge thanks to our Maple Cross community for raising a magnificent £231.30 at the KS1 Christmas performance and Christmas Celebration at St Thomas’ church.

Our School Council agreed that this should be donated to the local food bank so that we can help local people who, for a variety of reasons, don’t have enough money for a decent meal. Iris, from the food bank, explained to the School Council how the food bank works and showed them how they organise all their food. It’s quite an operation!

Mr Roberts often talks about ‘making a difference. By making your donation, you helped us to help Iris and her team to make a big difference to nearly 70 people/families in the WD3 area.

Thank you, and Happy Christmas!


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Reception and Year 6 – Collaborative Cooking

Reception and Year 6 joined together to make gingerbread men, shortbread, cookies and oatmeal biscuits, for the school fair.  Year 6 were very articulate, kind and helpful and enabled Reception to learn how to make the biscuits with them.  The ingredient list was shared with Reception children and together Year 6 and Reception weighed out the ingredients and then made the  variety of biscuits.  Year 6 showed the younger children how to rub the butter into the flour and everyone had a turn.  The biscuits went down a treat at the Christmas Fair.

Year 6 – What skills were required when leading the reception children?

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Welly Walks in Reception

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Our Welly Walk leaders today led their teams beautifully.  When we came back into the classroom the leaders narrated their Welly Walk Journey using the Learning stories that we had created.  The teams were then asked what made their leader a good leader. Here are some of the responses.

“He didn’t let anyone run”

“He listened”

“He helped someone else”

The leaders also were able to adapt their ideas and make decisions when they met Black Hat problems!


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