Welcome to EYFS

Today it has been great to welcome families to some information sessions about the EYFS. New parents bonded over a cup of tea and had opportunities to explore learning from the perspective of a 3 and 4 year old.

We look forward to welcoming new Nursery children to stay and play sessions on Monday 9th, Wednesday 11th and Friday 13th.

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Building in Reception

Following on from our learning on The Three Little Pigs and reading the story Iggy Peck Architect, the children in Reception constructed the wonderful house you can see in the photos. It even has a toilet and pipes to get rid of the waste! However, construction is not yet complete  so we will continue the building tomorrow. Look again tomorrow to see how we have adapted our building.

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Maple Cross Explorers Groups 1 and 2

Today we explored in the glorious sunshine. Group 1 became detectives and tried to find evidence of different animals that may have visited the grounds. We found lots of evidence of birds and found holes that could have been made by foxes or rabbits. We explored by the pond and saw a beautiful dragonfly gliding over the water.

Group 2, collected items to make a potion with. They then stirred their potions with a special stirring stick. Did your spells work Group 2

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During tidy up time today, Reception children found a large spider. As the spider was on a block, we carefully picked the block up and looked at the spider carefully. Reception, can you remember how many legs a spider has? Why was the spider hiding?

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Snack Shack is open!

Every Thursday the children in EYFS prepare a healthy snack for others. Today’s snack was toasted crumpets with a choice of toppings.

  1. Menus written to include all the topping options (yogurt, cream cheese, cucumber, tomatoes, raspberries and strawberries)
  2. The children prepared all the toppings

3. An orderly queue is formed!

4. Each child counts 5 pennies to pay for their snack

5. Crumpets are toasted (by the children)

6. Children add their toppings of choice

7. The crumpets are enjoyed in the sunshine

Two children in Reception decided to create a sign to advertise the snack shack and detail todays offerings and costs.

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Story Stones

During Maple Cross Explorers Group 3 and Group 5 have had the chance to make story stones. Group 3 used the story The Gruffalo and used their problem solving skills to share out the task. They spoke about having two of the same character when 2 children wanted to paint the same one, and also spoke about what they could do when theyran out of characters. Group 5 spotted a second book in Miss Crowley’s bag and decided to take a vote on which book they would like to use- They voted for Monkey Puzzle. Group 5 then also used their problem solving skills to come up with the solution of halving the image of the butterfly when 2 children wanted to use that character. Both groups enjoyed using their own creations to re-tell their stories.

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